Rocket League Codes Season 6- Tips to get free rewards

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Rocket League Codes Season 6: The rocket league codes help Players to earn in game skin items, cosmetics and other outfits too. Do you want to earn free rocket league codes season 6? Scroll down to know more about the rocket league codes season 6.

The best way to get free reward items is by using the redeem codes, by applying these redeem codes on the game you can get your favourite skin items. Many other methods are there too, and you can win free items by playing the game frequently and without losing much.

So unlocking codes is not a difficult thing you can simply do it by following certain procedures. Acquire your favourite items and rewards to improve your game performance too. With these free equipments, you are sure to become a powerful player than before.

Rocket League Codes Season 6Rocket League Codes Season 6

Rocket League Codes Season 6

Rocket League Codes Season 6: how to Unlock the free codes?

You can simply redeem a by going into the options and selecting extras, then the redeem code option will be there. Once you enter the code, the items will be added to your inventory.

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And there are many codes that will be out regularly on google, youtube and other platforms like insta. There will also be free contests and codes giveaways, you can participate in and win those.

Here are some of the Rocket League Codes Season 6.

Wrestle mania- this code unlocks banners, wheels

Popcorn – it’s used to unlock popcorn rocket boost which is only valid for a limited time.

Bekind – the VCR limited topper gets unlocked with this code.

SARPBC – this code will give you the SARPBC logo, car and song.

Truffleshuffle – this unlocks the goonies from the Octane.

Couchpotato – this unlocks the couch potato player title.

WWE18 – this again unlocks banners, wheels, and antennas.

rlnitro – this code unlocks nitro circus decan and antenna.

These are some codes for Rocket League season 6 is active to use and some might have expired too. Use it as soon as possible to redeem it, else it will not work.


The trading method is another one which is used to redeem your items for free, trade your items in exchange for credits, by doing it you will be able to purchase your items from the inventory.

Rocket Pass

Another method is by using the rocket pass, free items can be acquired, with the royal pass you will be able to redeem your favourite items in exchange for Credits, by using 500-1000 credits or $10.

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Rocket League Codes Season 6Rocket League Codes Season 6

Rocket League Codes Season 6

The above shared codes and methods are often used to redeem the codes and items in rocket league season 6. Besides these you can also earn from YouTube channel tournaments and also by filling surveys too. Every week there will be new codes coming out, do check out frequently for new codes and rewards.



we have discussed about the Rocket League Codes Season 6. With the free items, Outfits, skins etc Getting these items for free is a boon to avid gamers, as it helps you to progress soon than others. Some might be able to get it for cash but others can’t, so that we have a freeway for Redeeming it using codes and credits. Hope you all will make use of it and will find this article useful too. Share it your friends and teammates. Win lots of rewards.

Follow the methods above to redeem your favourite items from the item store for free, play regularly and win more. Read our other articles with different updates. We will be back with the next content soon, until then keep following us for more updates and interesting things. Share your queries in the comment box. Stay tuned to us for more exclusive updates.

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