Rewards List of Second Elite Pass in Free Fire

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The second Elite Pass was the rarest Elite Pass in the Free Fire game.

This Elite Pass came into play on July 1, 2018.

The second Elite Pass was named “Hip Hop” and this Elite Pass contained the most popular hip hop bundle available.

In today’s article, we’ll look at what rewards were available at the time in the Free Fire Season 2 Elite Pass.

Also, we will share their name, details and more.

Garena Free Fire is now one of the fastest expanding games globally.

This great battle royale game was launched on 23 August 2017.

After some time, the popularity of this game started increasing due to its new feature called Elite Pass.

The concept of Elite Pass was launched in the year 2018 and due to this brilliant concept, Free Fire has reached more than one billion downloads.

This concept has not only increased their number of downloads but also increased the revenue of this game.

As far as getting the Elite Pass, you have to buy diamonds and because of this Free Fire has generated more revenue than before.

Rewards List of Second Elite Pass in Free Fire

Elite Pass Season 2 Full Review
All of the items, skins and bundles mentioned below were available to Elite II in Free Fire at the time.

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#1.male character t-shirt

Season 2 Elite Pass Male Character T-Shirt

Season 2 Elite Pass Male Character T-Shirt
The first item this illustrious aristocrat owned at the time was a T-shirt of a male character.

This t-shirt is the most valuable male character t-shirt in Free Fire.



Season 2 Profile Avatar
The second item was a hip-hop designed avatar.

There were a total of 4 avatars in this entire elite pass.

On the 135 badge, you will find another avatar with a combination of orange and blue.


Backpack Skin of the Season 2 Elite Pass

Backpack Skin of the Season 2 Elite Pass
Then the next reward was a tremendous and luxurious backpack.


backpack was similar to a regular backpack but with textured patterns.

In the 175 badge, there was another backpack, and this backpack is different from the first backpack.

This backpack has the structure of an angry hen and is painted in red and white.

Also, this backpack is known as the rarest backpack as it is one of the oldest backpacks. coins

gold coins

gold coins
The fourth reward in the Season 2 Elite Pass was gold coins.

At that time 1000 gold coins were available in this elite pass.

Gold coins are the common currency in Free Fire, and each elite pass provides a minimum of 500 gold coins.

#5.booty box skin

booty box skin

Second Elite Pass’s Loot Box Skin
Then, the next reward was a cool loot box named Boombox.

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This loot box skins is one of the rare loot box skins in Free Fire.

In the Elite Pass was another pink loot box with a 95 badge.

#6.parachute skin

parachute skin

hip-hop parachute skin
After that, the next reward was a pink colored parachute skin with some amazing patterns.

In addition, on the 145 badge, there was another parachute with a combination of black, dark blue and red.

Many players still use this parachute skin.

#7.surfboard skin

surfboard skin

Season 2’s dazzling surfboard skin passes free fire
The seventh prize in this elite pass was a surfboard with some shade of white.

That surfboard also has a cool logo printed on it which represents FF, and this logo just makes this surfboard more attractive.

In the 185 badge, there was another surfboard with a combination of brilliant purple and sky colors.

This surfboard was simple and had no patterns on it.

#8.female character t shirt

female character t shirt

season 2 elite pass female character t-shirt
The next prize available in this Elite Pass was a T-shirt featuring a girl who looked impressive.

This stunning t-shirt has a combination of pink and purple colors and features some unique hip-hop patterns.

#9.female character bundle

female character bundle

Free Fire Season 2 Elite Pass Female Character Bundle
As a 125 badge reward, there was a fabulous female character bundle.

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This female character bundle was available with a face mask, shirt, pants and a pair of shoes.

This bundle is one of the rare bundles of Free Fire.

#10.male character bundle

male character bundle

Male Character Bundle of Season 2 Elite Pass
The final and final item of this Season 2 Elite Pass was the male character bundle.

Players could acquire this hip-hop costume of the male character at the time by collecting 200 badges.

The bundle was available with a hat, a T-shirt with gold chain ornaments, jeans pants and a pair of simple shoes.

frequently Asked question

Can we gift the Elite Pass in Free Fire?

No, you cannot give the Elite Pass in Free Fire directly to anyone.

Instead, you can send 599 Diamonds to the person to whom you plan to give the Elite Pass, and that person can buy the Elite Pass from these 599 Diamonds.

How to Get a Second Elite Pass in Free Fire?

You cannot buy this Season 2 Elite Pass because its purchase has expired.

The Season 42 Elite Pass is currently for sale in the Free Fire game.

If you want to buy the Elite Pass, you can buy it.


Players who have been playing Free Fire since 2018 have a lot of memories attached to this Elite Pass, and this article has been written to relive those memories as well.

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We can’t bring that time back, but we can enjoy that moment again by looking at these awards.

That time was a golden age for Free Fire players as many items were available for free in Free Fire.

Now money has to be spent to get everything.

This Elite Pass hip-hop bundle is being loved by many these days and many players are asking Garena to bring this bundle back to the game.

In this article, we looked at the list of items available in the Free Fire 2 Elite Pass.

This Elite Pass is Free Fire’s rarest and oldest Elite Pass.

Plus, the items available in this Elite Pass are now very rare.

If you liked our article then don’t forget to share it with your friends.

Also tell us in the comment section which item you liked the most in this Season 2 Elite Pass.

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