How to break lines at a specific character in Notepad++

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Some time we need to replace some character or symbol with the line break on our text but don’t know trick to do it.We have only option to do it manually but, In this post I will show you how we can replace character or comma with line break in notepad++.

Requirement’s :

1. Notepad++

2. Follow Steps.

For Example, we will convert

Techy Web Tech, TechyWebTech, Techywebtech, techywebtech, Techy web tech


Techy Web Tech




Techy web tech

How To Replace Line Break With Comma

  1. Open the file using Notepad++ or create new file containing text.
  2. Click to Search.
    Click to Search

  3. After It, Click to Replace (Use Shortcut CTRL+H).
    Click to Replace

  4. In the find What Box, Type The character you want to remove. In Our case we type comma.
  5. In the Replace with Box, Type “n” .
  6. Under Search Mode select “Extended”
    Search Mode select "Extended"

  7. Click to Replace All.
    Click to Replace All.

  8. All the comma symbol will be convert to new line automatically.

How to Replace Specific Character With Break Lines In Notepad++

You can replace any character with line break you just have to use those character in the find What Box and follow all steps from 5 to 7 .
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