Rank Without Backlinks? If Possible How To Rank ?

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If you want to rank in the top 1 of Google for your keywords this year, I will tell you how.

Yes, you read right: You don’t need backlinks to rank number 1 on Google.

Some people see this as a controversial statement and try to argue with me, but it is simply true.As Rand Fishkin from Moz already stated once:

“Your competitors can own links that pass PageRank and links that carry rich anchor text and links that serve pagerank and links that send hundreds or thousands of high‐quality referring domains.”

This is exactly my point! Even if you are starting out fresh without any backlinks at all, there are still some things you can do to get ranked quite easily!

Rank Without Backlinks? If Possible How To Rank ?

I will give you a short overview of how I got ranked at the top in Google for some competitive keywords over the last months.

#Keyword Research

My main focus was to rank my content on the first page for keywords with a decent amount of monthly searches and a difficulty score of 30 or less in Moz’ Keyword Difficulty tool .

If your keyword has a difficulty score higher than 40, most likely your site is too new or not high enough in authority to get onto page 1 with easy.

A good idea would be to start out ranking pages from sites that have been up for at least 6 months with backlinks from 20 different sources .

The next step was to look at my competition and find out exactly which keywords they rank for .

I just added the top 3 ranking sites into SEMRush and set the filter accordingly.

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From there on, I checked each website carefully and noted down all their backlinks.

Afterwards, I recorded those links in a spreadsheet so that I could compare my own link profile later on.

If you do this as well, make sure to check those links manually one by one! It is really easy to accidentally copy‐paste multiple backlinks and end up with duplicate content issues further down the road! Just take your time and check each link individually :).

#Content Creation (a How‐to Guide)

The actual content creation can be split into 4 different parts:

First Part :

The first part is the introduction of your article.

You should aim for a meta description that sums up what your content is going to be about and ends with a question so you can catch your reader’s attention before they even click on your page.

For example: “Is it possible to rank without backlinks?”

Second Part :

The second part would be the actual meat of your article, which usually contains 3 or 4 subheadings as well as one paragraph for each subheading .

The aim here is to cover all relevant points from start to finish. Each paragraph should only contain 1 – 2 sentences, otherwise you will bore people into not reading anymore!

Make sure that there are no spelling mistakes in this section either.

A good idea would be to write an extra paragraph, read it out loud and make corrections afterwards.

Third Step :

The third step is the conclusion of your article.

This part should again ask a question to catch your reader’s attention and then finish off with another 2 paragraphs summarizing what you covered in detail before .

The same rules apply here as they did for the second part: 1 – 2 sentences per paragraph!

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You can add images wherever you think it would be useful to break up the text and give people a “visual break”.

I usually avoid using any more than two images in one post, because otherwise it will distract from the core content inside.

If you want to get found by search engines through image search, don’t forget to add your main keyword once or twice within the image’s alt text!

Fourth Step (Last Step)

The last step is to hit that publish button and then to promote your content .

You can start off by submitting it to a couple of relevant communities, forums and social media sites.

After that you might want to email people who have backlinked similar articles in the past as well as popular blogs related to your content’s topic.

Just make sure not to bombard peoples’ inboxes! And please don’t be annoying …

If you do get featured somewhere, make sure to share your article on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter as those usually have a decent amount of visits from active users.

You can also promote your post using a service like pingomatic to notify all major search engines every time your new post has been published.

Then all you have to do is wait for the traffic to come!

Bottom Line:

In today’s world of SEO, Backlinks are definitely a major factor.

In fact, it is the most important factor to rank a website on SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages) and without backlinks no one can be able to achieve first page ranking on Google or any other search engine for any specific keywords.

Google has made its mission to eliminate all the Black Hat SEO techniques and practices.

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As we know that Google has already taken many steps towards this direction and now you might have realized that those old school black hat tactics such as keyword stuffing, hidden texts/keyword, doorway pages etc., will not work anymore in 2022.

However, there were some rumors about WordPress sites getting banned from Google after publishing articles with insufficient or low quality backlinks along with the fact that Google is marking all those sites as “Hacked” which use automated software to generate backlinks.

For this reason, many SEO enthusiasts are now looking for other options that can help them creating high quality backlinks without getting into trouble or risking their website.

So here you go…

Do Follow blogs!

Do Follow blogs are still one of the best ways out there to create quality backlinks without black hat SEO techniques.

Moreover, the main thing is it really works and very well too.

The trick behind using do follow blog comment is to write an insightful and useful comments on someone’s post instead of just posting links wherever possible.

By doing so, you will get targeted traffic which manages to increase your search engine ranking and that too without getting into trouble.

The second benefit is that you will establish a relationship with your audience and if they enjoy what you post then they will always come back to your website for reading more articles.

The best thing about this strategy is that it can be used on any niche and also works well for those websites which don’t have much traffic as compared to others.

However, the only drawback of this method is that it takes time as finding follow dofollow blogs as per our own keywords requirement might be difficult sometimes but once you get hold of those high quality blog sites, things start falling in place.

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Another thing about using do follow blog comments instead of standard spammy link building tactics is that the former one helps us to generate quality backlinks while the latter one can harm our website badly.

That was all about do follow blogs but there is another trick which you can use to get high authority links without getting into trouble or breaking any Google’s rule – Guest Posting!

As we know that guest posting is the best way to build an on-page SEO for a new website, it provides better search engine rankings, helps in establishing relationship with other webmasters and bloggers etc., But here I’m not referring to usual guest blogging but rather I’m talking about finding some high authority websites using blogger outreach method where instead of offering them content writing services, you will offer them your expertise on some particular topic.

This way you don’t have to write articles yourself as others will write them for you and all that you need to do is to find those guest blogging opportunities.

However, it’s a time consuming process but the end result justifies the means.

So next time when you’re planning to create quality backlinks for your site then start thinking about doing follow backlinks instead of the black hat methods and then only you will be able to get quality results.

That’s all for today and I hope that you will like this article.

If you have any query related to SEO, Don’t forget to comment below and if you enjoyed reading my post then please share with your friends.

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