How To Rank Blog Post For Multiple Keywords

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Let me clear it again, As a digital marketer, I have been ranked websites for multiple keywords in search engines.

Nowadays,I am going to share my experience about how to rank your blog posts for multiple keywords with you.

Before we start the process, let me clear it again- Rank websites using backlinks is not an easy task now.

Google has been started ranking dynamic pages which is making hard for people who are trying to cheat search engine algorithms or create enough backlinks from spam sites or web 2.0 properties with low page authority .

That’s why they have been started punishing webmasters who were doing this kind of stuffs and if you want ranking in search engines without any penalty you have to follow white hat seo process.

How To Rank Blog Post For Multiple Keywords

I am not talking about that, but actually I am talking about creating enough content on your website so that when people search for “SEO Company”, they can find you easily. Your goal should be two 3% of traffic from organic searches which is also known as Search Engine Results Page (SERP).

I know it’s hard to rank your blog post for multiple keywords at the same time because Google likes Natural profile and it doesn’t like websites who are doing spammy stuffs, but still you can rank blog posts using Google Dorks .

Nowadays, even if you follow white hat seo process then also you will get penalty or you have to work hard to recover your website ranking.

So that’s why I wrote this article because I don’t want you to lose money if you want to rank a blog post for multiple keywords without any penalty.

Nowadays, Google is ranking websites through multiple parameters and it includes on-page optimization, backlinks from various sources, branding,social signals etc.

One of the most important aspects of ranking a website in search engine results page (SERP) is Content or Inbound links .

When I say content , I mean there should be enough content on your website that can help people solve their problem.

If some blogger have a blog on “SEO Company” and he wrote good quality article using his experience about “how to do SEO” so when someone who need some help related to SEO try to find some useful information then this guy’s blog post will appear first in SERP.

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Do you think

it’s possible to rank a blog post for multiple keywords at the same time?

Yes, It is possible if you follow all these steps which I am going to share with you right now.

Step 1: Find low competition keywords

To make your task easier, you can use a tool that can help you find enough keywords using Google Adwords Keyword Planner Tool.

Click here to access this free keyword research tool .

Make sure that you are checking monthly search volume then only enter your keywords because after doing some research on the web, I found out that most of the people are ranking their website for long tail keywords because they’t do any mistake.

Let me tell you even if your keyword doesn’t have monthly search volume, it doesn’t mean you cannot rank your blog post for multiple keywords.

Step 2: Find My Keywords using Google Adwords Tool

Now after checking the monthly search volume on Google adword’s keyword planner tool, Make sure that your website is not penalized by submitting another request to Google webmaster tools .

There are a lot of free tools which can help you find your competitor site rank here . But I think this step is optional because you can rank blog posts without finding any related competitor site using these strategies(I’ll explain them later).

The most important thing is Keyword Density . When I am referring keyword density then I mean both On-Page(HTML code) and Off-Page (Links) keyword density.

You can find them by using any SEO tool like Moz open site explorer .

Step 3: Optimize Blog Post Title with Multiple Keywords

Your blog post title should contain keywords because usually people use their main keyword as blog post title if they want to rank their website in search engine results page (SERP).

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If you are not doing this then try to do it right now and check how much traffic is coming to your website through various search engines.

There are a lot of free tools which can help you choose perfect keywords for your blog posts title like serpspace .

You can also use Google adwords tool or any other SEO Tool for finding related keywords.

You need to find Out of 90 related keywords, 5-6 keywords with low competition and high search volume which can be used for multiple keyword optimization. (It’s up to you how many and which one keywords you want to use in your blog post title).

To make it easier for you, I am going to give you an example:

Let say we found some good quality keywords from Google adword’s key word planner tool. After that, We have optimized our blog post title by adding multiple relevant long tail keywords on the same page without being spammy.

So if someone is searching for any particular keyword then he will get your blog post in top 10 on SERP instantly because of the reason that it contains different kinds of Keywords.

Now we will move on to the next step…..

Step 4: Optimize Your Blog Post Description With Multiple Keywords and Backlinks (Optional)

This is an optional step but you should not ignore this because it’s one of those steps that can help you rank your blog post in search engines .

The things which you need to focus now is keyword density and backlink(s).

I don’t expect that Google will consider all links as backlinks if they are placed in same webpage.

Try to use as much as relevant short tail keywords in your blog post description so, It crawls easily by search engine bots. But before doing this, make sure that you have optimized your blog post title with multiple keywords mentioned above.

After completing your blog post title and description, Try to search for that keywords on Google adword’s key word planner tool.

This step is optional but you should not ignore this because it’s one of the essential steps to rank any blog post in Google SERP .

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Step 5: Submit Your Blog Post URL To Social Bookmarking Sites

Earlier I used to submit my all articles at once on bookmarking sites like Facebook , Twitter etc.,

But After doing some research, I came to know that if you don’t do this correctly then there are only two possibilities

(i) Your site will be penalized

(ii) You can lose your visitors interest because they will never come back to your site again.

So follow these steps carefully otherwise you might get into trouble…

Give proper description about your blog post and keywords as I said above.

Make them as much relevant as possible because if you will use generic description then no one will click on that link.

Keep in mind there are a lot of spammers out there who can submit their links just for the sake of earning money and these kinds of submission activities will not be tolerated by search engines so submit yours properly and avoid spamming.

Don’t go for all those low quality bookmarking sites which contains advertisement like vnsharing, o-dunk etc.,

Just find the best one where you get real visitors because if your blog post will be indexed on social bookmarking sites then, guaranteed visitors will come to your blog.

Step 6: Find Your Competitors Blog Post URL And Submit Your Link On Their Profile :

Now this is really important step because it’s the only way through which you can build high quality backlinks .

If someone has just submitted his or her link on social bookmarking sites then there is no point in doing submission activity unless your competitor haven’t done submission activity yet (I mean he must have created its profile for social bookmarking sites).

So always make sure that before submitting your site’s link on competitors profile , they haven’t already submitted their own link.

Step 7: Find Blog Commenting Sites and Identify Relevant Blogs on The Same Topic :

This is another way to get some high quality backlinks .

I am using this strategy since long time and I can say with proper planning and hard work, you can easily get up to 400-500 quality blog comments on your site within a month.

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Search for relevant commenting sites and find the blogs on same niche which has good PR (page rank) and DA (domain authority).

As it’s already mentioned above that try to use appropriate keywords in your blog post title so search engines instantly crawl it.

Step 8 : keywords Placement

Now it’s time to add the keywords which we discussed in step 1 (i.e., multiple keywords) in ALL OF THEM while keeping mind Google Panda Updates .

Number of times you should use them but don’t over use it otherwise you will get into trouble. For example if I create a blog post on “How to rank blog Post for multiples keywords” then I may add the following keywords (in bold letters ) in four different places.

Step 9 : Guest Post

Sometimes it can be really difficult to find good quality guest posts because there are many spammers who only accept money to write a guest post or in exchange of backlink.

For example I have seen some people who were offering $5 for one link and surprisingly I came to know they already submitted their guest post on big blogs like Huffington post, Entrepreneur etc.,

So if you can find such quality sites then it’s really good otherwise you can go with the next step…

Perhaps finding a Guest Post is difficult but writing your own blog posts is not .

All you need to do is; write a nice article (with proper research) and after that, find an appropriate blogger who has written an article on same or related topic and send him/her a pitch.

Just make sure that your pitch should be based on their previous articles and they must be active (I mean they must regularly publish new posts).

Step 10 : Forum Submission

If you already did all the things mentioned above, then it’s time to find appropriate forums where your targeted audience loves to spend their time .

So just open any of the popular search engine and type “your niche” forum.

Just make sure you are not spamming them with links because your main aim is to get high PR backlinks so you should only share useful content including links (one or two) related to other topics.

Sometimes I take help from other service providers like Fiverr or other outsourcing sites for quality blog comments because there are many spammers who use fake profiles and write useless comments like “great article”, “nice post” etc.,

So if you want real traffic on your site then, always try to find trusted service providers.

If you are still confused about doing all this stuffs mentioned above then try to read my another article “How To Quickly Rank Your Website On Page 1 Of Google” ,

You’ll feel so easy when you will follow these simple steps because I am using this strategy since long time and till now I didn’t get any penalty from Google for spamming.

By the way, what is your strategy to Rank blog post? Please share in comment box…

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