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Remittance Advice & Acknowledgement
List and Journals of IPO Sold
Register of IPOs & BPOs in stock
Register of MOs Received for Payment
Compilation of daily totals of MOs issued
TMOs Received and conformations
Files of cases containing Paid MOs Received from
Files of cases containing Paid MOs Received from
List Of MOs Presented in bulk for Booking
Records relating to Inward and out ward Foreign
4) Registration and Parcel Department
Register and Parcel Lists Received and Dispatched
All other record Except above of Registration and
Parcel Department And Mail Department
5) Sorting, Delivery, Deposit and Misc. Department
Register of Post Box Holders
Postmaster’s Order Book
Monthly Statistical Register
Monthly Statistical Abstract
Record Relating to Identity cards
Traffic Book of Telegrams
6) Savings Bank Department
Closed, used up and transferred Ledger cards
(If ledger agreement o.k.)
S. O. S. B. Ledgers(after last account closed)
Guard File containing letters of Pledging deposits in security account
Register of undeliverable passbooks
Special Error Book maintained is S.B. branch
Monthly Statistical Register
Application for Duplicate Passbooks
List of withdrawals above Rs 2500/- by Single
Stock Register of Passbooks
(after closed of all accounts)
Ledger Cards of Silent Accounts
Application for Local Transfer of Accounts
(after obtaining certificate of no pending)
Register of Rectification of Interest
Objection Register (after rectification of objection)
Register of No of passbooks received for interest
Duplicate copies of S.B.P.R received from B.O.
Record Relating to D. D. Cases
(after closer of all cases )
Record Relating to D. D. Cases
(Where indemnity Bond Received)
(after closer of all cases )
Duplicate copies of credit/debit transfer journals
Register of Collection of Cheques
Stock Register of S.B. Cheques
Register of returned Cheques
Register of sanction of B.O. withdrawals
Register containing Photographs and other
Applications for issue of new passbooks in lieu of spoilt ones
Court attached orders of SB Deposits
Applications for issuing of SB Cheque Books
Copies of Lists of Collection of Outstation
Record relating to collection of Local Cheques
Application for Revival of Silent accounts
Error Book maintained in connection with the
deposit by auto transfer from S.B. Account to RD Account
Nominal roll of SB Branch
6 Years after last entry
Application for cancellation or variation of
List of Yearly Unsold Certificates
Provisional Receipts for Savings
Counter Foils of Identity slips of
discharge of Certificate)
Special error book for Certificates
Monthly Statistical Register
Journals of Certificates Issued and
Monthly Summaries of Certificates Issued
Stock Register of Certificates
Application for Purchase or transfer in lieu
of Duplicate have been issued
Journals of Certificates issued
through Authorized Agents
Ledger for Payment of Authorized Agent’s
Counter foils of Receipts and Daily lists of
Telephone Revenue Collection

Source : Postal Hand Book by A.A.Wakankar, PA PALI, DIST-RAIGAD 410205

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