Post office customer care number [Speed Post complaint number]

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Each and every government department has a specific customer care number.

Similarly, the India Post (Post Office Department) has also a customer care number.

These numbers are known as the customer care number of post office.

If you are searching about post office customer care numbers then you are the right place because here, I am going to share right Indian post office customer care number detail, post office helpline number, and post office complaint number.

Post Office customer care number

18002666868 is the post office customer care number.

It is available from morning 09.00 am to 06.00 pm on working days only.

On postal holidays and Sundays, the above post office toll-free number is not available.

Post Office ATM Customer Care toll-free number

18004252440 is the post office atm customer care number.

If your query is related to post office ATM card, Debit card, mobile banking, or SMS banking then you have to contact the above number to get a resolution of your issue.

Post Office Customer Care number


Post Office helpline number


Post office toll-free number


ATM customer care toll-free number


Post Office complaint number


Speed post complaint number


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Post Office Helpline number

The post office department also provided a helpline number for all customers.

They can easily call on this post office helpline number to get information about speed post.

The post office helpline number is 18002666868 where people can easily contact India Post customer care executive for getting all the information.

Post Office Complaint number (Speed Post)

Due to any of the reasons, sometime the Speed post article may delay in delivery.

Customers want to register a complaint about the non-delivery of speed post article but they do not know what is post office complaint number, what is post office speed post complaint number? I have mentioned all post office complaint numbers state-wise.

Before it, do you know, whom to contact for a complaint? For this, you have to read the below paragraph.

Any complaint on the services rendered by the Department like delayed delivery/non-delivery of Speed Post, Parcel, Registered post, non-payment of COD amount, etc may be taken up with the Postmaster / In-charge of the Post Office where the transaction has taken place.

If they are not satisfied then you have to approach to higher authority i.e.

Senior Superintendent/Superintendent of Post Offices.

They will resolve your issue.

If still your complaint is yet not resolved then you have to contact to PMG office whose jurisdiction is the concerned post office and division.

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I want to say that the sequence of handling of post office complaints is as under.

You may contact to post office higher authorities for your complaints.

Post Master of post office ➨ Divisional office (Senior superintendent/superintendent) ➨ PMG Office (Postmaster-General) ➨ CPMG office (Chief Postmaster-General) ➨ Postal Directorate Dak Bhawan New Delhi

Apart from the above, you can also register an online complaint about your speed post article from the below link.

Post Office Customer Care number & compliant number State-Wise

Name of the state

E-mail ID, Telephone

and Fax Number

​Andhra Pradesh

[email protected],


 0866-2429854 (Tel),​ 24747282 (Fax)


[email protected]


9435503177 (Tel),
2544838 (Fax)


[email protected]


Customer care center/Complaints:

2220227 (Tel), 2225011 (Fax)


[email protected]


0771-2233400 (Tel),
2233194 (Fax)


[email protected]


011-23620144 (Tel),
23627114 (Fax) 


[email protected]


 079-25505424 (Tel), 25505275 (Fax)


​[email protected]


0171-2603100 (Tel),
2603736 (Fax)

Himachal Pradesh

[email protected]


 0177-2629000 (Tel), 2620351 (Fax)

Jammu & Kashmir

[email protected]


Jammu: 0191-2542878
(Tel), 2561746 (Fax)


0194-2452528 (Tel), 2452036 (Fax)


[email protected]


 0651-2482345 (Tel), 2480153 (Fax)


[email protected]


 080-22392523 (Tel), 22202607(Fax)

Kerala (For Kerala
and Lakshadweep)

[email protected]


0471-2308300 (Tel),
2306500 (Fax)

Madhya Pradesh

[email protected]


 0755-2550838 (Tel), 2556547 (Fax)

Maharashtra (For
Goa, Maharashtra and Dadra & Nagar Haveli)

[email protected]


1800 228 030 (Toll
Free), 22620829 (Fax)

North East ( All
North-Eastern States except Assam and Sikkim)

[email protected]


 0364-2223800 (Tel), 2223034 (Fax)


[email protected]


0674-2392000 (Tel),
2394790 (Fax)

Punjab (For Punjab
and Chandigarh)

[email protected]


0172-2706700 (Tel),
2721670 (Fax)


[email protected]


0141-2372022 (Tel),
2366151 (Fax)

Tamil Nadu (For
Tamil Nadu and Pondicherry)

[email protected]


044-28520367 (Tel),
285221199 (Fax)


[email protected]


040-23463636 (Tel)​

Uttar Pradesh

[email protected]


0522-2621113 & 0522-2202531​
(Tel), 2616855 (Fax)


[email protected]


0135-2658396 (Tel),
2650065 (Fax)

West Bengal (For
West Bengal, Sikkim and Andaman & Nicobar Islands)

[email protected]​


033-22120070 (Tel),
22120811 (Fax)


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Question 01- How to complain if speed post is not delivered?

Answer- You have to register a complaint online & offline.

Question 02- How do I contact a postman?

Answer- You have to visit the post office to contact your home address beat postman.

Question 03- How do I contact my local postmaster?

Answer- You have to visit your local post office.

You can also contact on telephone.

Check here post office contact number with the help of Pincode.

Question 04- What if speed post lost?

Answer- It does not happen.

if your speed post article has been lost and not delivered then you may complain in writing at the post office where the article is booked.

A specific amount will be paid as per the rue.

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