Pingbacks & Drawbacks In SEO- Is Good Or Bad

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Have you ever heard about the pingbacks and how it affects your website or blog ranking in search engine results?

You might be surprised to know that this is one of the reasons why you are not getting good traffic from search engines.

Pingbacks & Drawbacks In SEO- Is Good Or Bad

If you go to Google and type any keywords, for example “Plumber Phoenix” and see what comes up in the Search Engine Result Page (SERP), you will find hundreds or thousands of links.

Now, if you click on each result, whatever page it leads to, there will be a link back to the original source i.e. Wikipedia.

This is what we widely known as “Pingback” – A communication protocol between blogging platforms such as WordPress, Drupal etc., when two blogs talk to each other.

For example, if you have a website about Plumber in Phoenix and your visitors write a comment on your blog post “Best Plumber in Phoenix”, they will also link their website with the anchor text that is mentioned in the comment box.

When another blogger who reads this link, he or she will click on it to visit your site by looking at the pingback URL.

This way you are getting free traffic from other sites via their pingbacks to yours.

If you are not familiar with any of these terms, don’t worry.

I will explain everything shortly but first let us understand how pingbacks work because without knowing its working mechanism, we cannot utilize it for our benefit.

It is important to know what exactly happens when you, for example, click on the link of any blog in the Google SERP and visit that website.

It might be easier to imagine if we assume that there is a robot or web crawler running around all over the internet and keeping record of every site and page it visits.

This way we can understand what exactly pingbacks are and how they work.

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As I mentioned before this robot keeps track of every webpage visited by it, so when another blogger links your blog post with his/her website using pingback, this robot sends an inform request to your site asking whether it exists or not?

If you have linked some external site or webpage on your own site then you will answer positively but if you don’t know anything about it then you will reply negatively.


next step is that your site checks its database whether it has any record of the link to which the robot has sent a request or not?

If page exists then it means that you have linked some other website previously and if not, it simply ignores the request by saying no.

That’s all what pingback does; it is just like asking “Is this thing exist?” and getting an answer back from the person who knows about it.

Every search engine uses these links in some way to connect relevant links with each other on their SERP (Search Engine Result Page) for relevancy purposes.

The more quality websites you use your links on, the higher quality score your site because Google, Yahoo & Bing search engines use pings as a way of classifying and ranking webpages.

For example, if I have two different article directories and both of them post about the same topic like “10 ways to lose weight” and one uses my links and other does not, you can assume that which website is more valuable for visitors.

Therefore we should create as many pingbacks as possible on high authority websites or blog posts because this will help increase our site’s quality score in search results pages (SERPs).

It will give us better chances to appear on top as most sites with highest quality score ranks well in SERP which means their sites are visited by more people than those who don’t rank as well.

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there is also another side of pingbacks, which most of the site owners don’t know about.

For example if you are using your website as an authority blog then this will help you in getting more backlinks naturally.

When people visit your blog post and they like it, they will also link their websites to yours by mentioning your name with some anchor text in their comment box.

So technically speaking when pingback sent a request to check whether its page exists or not on my blog, I can simply reply negatively because my site has no record of that particular webpage so Google assumes that it is new and thus gives me some extra presence in SERPs.

This way I can trick search engine’s robot into giving me more traffic at zero cost ( won’t get penalized for it) and this is why I got over 1,000,000 visitors from Google in last three years.

In order to do this, I have to use the free pingback service on my website for which you can get a link from any article directory or blog post of your choice.

When you get a link from high authority website with specific anchor text then it will improve your rankings because more people will start linking with that name and if done at right time then even some traffic will come from it.

Websites which allow external links on their pages are mostly targeted by spammers who just want to increase their site’s presence in SERPs using spamming methods so don’t forget to check out whether any site permits external links or not before using any pingback service with their link.

In this way, you can also use the free pingback service to increase your site’s quality score in SERPs which will result in an increased number of visitors every day without having a high authority website or blog post with your link.

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Google doesn’t like it when websites abuse this feature and thus search engines have tried to fight back against it by using internal linking as one of the ranking factors but that doesn’t mean they have completely stopped them from working on their own.

An important thing which you should keep in mind is not to give away any money for buying these services because they are all spammy and no-one wants to buy garbage anyway.

You can get 100% white hat free backlinks by using these free methods and still obtain an effective result.

If you are looking for any cheap pingbacks then there is also a cheap solution for you to follow but I would suggest that you should avoid it if possible because it will not only decrease the quality of your site but also give Google some solid reasons to penalize your site even more than what they already have done.

If you don’t know anything about this, let me tell you in detail. This is known as ” Black Hat SEO (Search Engine Optimization)” and no search engine likes this practice at all because people abuse their services like link building & spamming to rank well in SERPs.

If search engines have already decreased the of websites doing this then why would they allow such practices to carry on?

That’s the reason Google is trying really hard to find out such sites and penalize them as much as possible so that no one dares to take advantage of their services.

The next thing would be for Google to ban you from using their services at all and it will be too late for your then if you haven’t stopped yet because this might happen in near future.

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I would suggest that there aren’t any shortcuts in SEO and that you should follow certain guidelines which make sense according to search engines like Google, Yahoo & Bing.

Doing this will bring you good quality backlinks naturally without even thinking about getting banned or penalized by any search engine because nothing is impossible with these smart bots (search engine robots).

If you are looking for advice on how to increase traffic in SEO then let me tell you that building high quality backlinks is what all search engines want so they can trust your website more than others.

If these bots don’t trust your site or content, then even if it has high authority links pointing to it , they will keep your site away from rankings because when it comes down to judgement day Google’s main aim is not to show people whatever they please but whatever matches their user’s search queries best.

That means that this article went through several rounds of approvals before getting published which I’m sure most of my readers won’t understand (if any) but I would like everyone reading this article to know that the same thing happens when you try to get a specific result from a search engine.

Just follow the guidelines which I have given if you want good results in SEO because every website owner tries to rank high on Google’s first page but very few succeed and that’s what makes it so competitive these days.

In my opinion, this doesn’t mean that ranking well is impossible or even difficult after all, Google is still behind bars and there are still many people who don’t know about these things so they keep on doing whatever they can even though it’s not right by any means.

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