31+ Photography Blogging Ideas For Photographers

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When it comes to what to blog about, the options can feel limitless. This is a good thing because it gives you the freedom to be creative!

The problem might be knowing where and how to start. Here are some ideas for photography that will get you thinking about blogging.

Photography Blogging Ideas

These aren’t all of them by any means, but they’re great places to start.

Looking through these will help you identify some areas that you can use as inspiration when trying to come up with new topics and posts for your site.

1) Your photo tip of the week or month –

Feature a great photography trick or technique and then share it again at the end of each month with an extra nugget added to it.

This is especially useful for those that want to be in business as a photographer but don’t know what they’re doing yet! How would this help them? Well, if someone doesn’t know how to photograph people or pets well, just about every single post will give them something new and better to practice on.

2) A monthly “How To”

Cover a different topic each month. Topics can include things you know how to do and don’t need tips on, or things your audience doesn’t know how to do. For example: How To Photograph Weddings, How To Purchase Stock Photography, etc.

This keeps the content new and interesting for everyone each month along with being easy for you! The key is to try to build one link per month back through your blog so that Google sees it as relevant! Give them something unique every month!

3) Behind The Scenes

Show off what goes into being a photographer by showing the behind-the-scenes process of shooting an event, product photography shoot, model, etc. Be open and honest with your audience about the process.

They will appreciate you more for it! This also increases the affinity between you and your clients/prospects. When they see how hard you work to create their amazing images, they’ll be more likely to come back for more shots or products!

4) How To Use Your Gear

Everyone has gear these days – cameras, computers, software…the list goes on and on! Tell your viewers what brand you use and why you love it so much without bashing all the others.


a review of each piece of gear that is important to them after 2-3 months of using them yourself (this gives it credibility). If possible, run tests between different brands to see which is the best value and then give it to your audience.

5) Best Buy Dump

Always review the products you use when creating your images, but don’t stop there! Review all kinds of items that help make being a photographer easier or more fun for you and show off how much stuff you get for the price.

This will also increase your audience’s affinity with you as they realize you aren’t just talking about equipment only; many of these items can be used by them too! They are paying attention and want to learn from what works well in their business.

Give them good news instead of always talking about what doesn’t work so great for products, like most reviews do on other blogs do.

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6) Interview Series

Everyone likes reading about how other photographers made it to where they are today. Put together a nice, short interview series with an awesome photo on each one for your readers enjoyment.

You can ask them questions like “What inspired you to become a photographer?” or “What do you feel is your best shot ever?” or “Why did you choose such-and-such camera above all others?” by using simple Google searches for ideas of what to ask them! Bring new life into these interviews by doing something unique and getting creative with it.

Maybe even include some videos as well that show your conversation going on as you’re interviewing them. This is a great idea to capitalize on the interest in photographers who are doing well!

7) Q&A Video Series

This is another great way to interact with your audience in ways that other photographers out there aren’t doing so you can really stand out from them!

You might want to ask questions like “If you could pick one item for me to review on my blog, what would it be?” or “What’s the most common question people ask you about _____ gear?” or “Who do you look up to as an inspiration in your life?” by using simple Google searches for ideas of what to ask them! Have fun with these; they’re quite entertaining!

8) Interview With Other Photographers

This is a natural progression from the Interview Series mentioned above. These can be short and sweet, 1-minute videos with captions that pop up for more information or they can be longer if you prefer. You should consider including an image of them as well with each interview so your viewers aren’t wondering who that person is on screen!

If there’s no one else doing these interviews in this way, there’s a great chance you’ll quickly dominate all searches for “photographer video series” after only publishing 2-3 of these interviews with other photographers. Be sure to ask questions like “What inspired you to become a photographer?” or “What do you feel is your best shot ever?” or “Why did you choose such-and-such camera above all others?” by using simple Google searches for ideas of what to ask them!

9) Show Your Process

Whether it be something like “how I take my coffee” or “how I conduct a photoshoot,” you can give your audience insight into how you do things that they might not know.

These are commonly called “vlogs” and there’s an app out there called “Vidcaster” that will make these super easy to do on iOS devices if you don’t have any equipment already available. We’ve done a few videos like this here on our site just to prove that you don’t need fancy cameras or anything really; just your phone is fine!

10) Repurpose Your Content

Have you ever heard of the term “evergreen content?” I’m sure you have. It’s important to keep your site fresh and relevant by updating it regularly instead of just having a blog with old information on there – that doesn’t make for a good user experience! Instead, re-purpose some past content.

Take an older article or video series (that has comments) and turn it into a new one related to the same topic but in a different way (keep the same title though). You can go back even farther if you want; find articles that aren’t getting much traffic these days and give them more life by giving them new titles related to trending keywords in your niche.

Just be sure to give links to the original content in your new article so that they can still find it easily!

11) Interview With Someone Else

The people you interview don’t have to just be photographers, remember. Sometimes a model might get a lot of questions from fans about how they do what they do and why or whatever else is important for them.

A makeup artist might get similar attention too if he or she does makeup for someone famous or popular; maybe you’ve even heard of before with huge followings on social media? Since I’m talking about interviews though…

you can also ask these kinds of questions: “What’s your favorite photo shoot memory?” or “What’s the best advice anyone ever gave you about _____ gear?” or “What’s the hardest thing you’ve had to overcome in your life?” by using simple Google searches for ideas of what to ask them!

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12) Review Your Gear

There are tons and tons of magazines out there that review things like cameras, lenses, tripods and other photographic equipment. Why not create a blog where you can do your own reviews? This will not only help you become well-known for it but also give people another reason to visit your site often since they’ll see new content from time to time.

You could get into even more detail with things like sensor size comparison charts if you want. These photos should be big enough so readers can actually see them and large enough files so that they can actually read small details like sensor sizes. Be sure to check out the “how-to” section above for a free stock photo website (it’s called Unsplash).

13) Interview With Someone Else About Their Gear

It’s not just about showing off your own gear is it? Sometimes you’re more interested in learning about someone else’s stuff because it might be better than what you have! Or maybe it’s easier to travel with…

I don’t know, but there are lots of reasons why people would want to hear what others have to say about their equipment. This is a really cool blog idea because you don’t need to do anything much different than what we talked about in the previous section.

Instead of interviewing someone about their tricks or tips for doing something (like posing models), just ask them questions like “What’s your favorite lens?” or “If you could only use one camera, which would it be and why would you choose that specific one?” Again… if they don’t have something professional grade like expensive DSLR cameras, there are ways around this! Just use a smartphone and start asking questions!

14) Interview With Someone Else About Their Content

Have your own blog but feel like your content isn’t that interesting or useful to anyone else? Why not get some other photographers or models or makeup artists to do the talking for you? Interview them about how they do what they do, why they love it and so on.

Try interviewing someone who’s done tons of work in your niche before; the more experience someone has doing certain kinds of jobs, the better! If that means looking through a ton of portfolios all day though…

don’t worry because we’ve got an easy way around that too: just look for people who have already done a bunch of interviews with other interviewers online. It might even be more fun asking questions about their own history as opposed to asking about anything new, this way!

15) Tutorials

There are plenty of different types of tutorials that photographers can create and there are certainly lots of ways to do them. If you’re not confident enough in your own gear to talk about it, then at least show someone how to use yours! You could explain different functions like aperture and shutter speed for cameras (or lens apertures or whatever) if you want.

There’s also tons of other kinds of tutorials out there too: posing & lighting techniques, model portfolio preparation… even things like what apps work best with certain camera models or detailed articles on the best ways to get rid of dust spots in photos or which software is worth buying for editing images! I told you there were lots of options!

16) Photo Streams

A lot of people might not know that you can organize your photos and videos into specific folders on an iPhone for example, but many streamers like to share their personal content (and there’s nothing wrong with that).

You could start a blog of yours by taking all the shots from a recent photo shoot and posting them in order. Post enough of these over time and it’ll look just like a TV show or something! This is great for things called “vlogs” as well.

It could give viewers more insight into who you are than writing about yourself alone ever could.

17) Post Your Top Photos

This one doesn’t require too much explaining: take some of your best photographs, put them in categories and then publish those categories over time to show your viewers the best that you have to offer. Who knows?

Someone might even use one of your ideas and make a money-making from it!

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18) Post About Personal Projects

Some of the most popular people on the internet started off just doing projects for fun and then they ended up being more successful than they ever dreamed that they would be.

There’s no reason why you can’t do this too! If you’ve been waiting around for inspiration, here’s how to get it: instead of waiting for inspiration, try doing something different every day. Do something related to photography like taking pictures or editing them or write an article about what inspires you in life…

Then when people come back online tomorrow, post those photos; if someone’s inspired by them, then they’ve got some real content to get something out of!

19) Post Behind-The-Scenes Photos

This is the kind of thing that people love to see. If you’re a photographer and you’re working with a model; even if their face isn’t in the picture, most likely someone will want to see how much work went into it beforehand. It’s like when an actor gets “dressed” for a movie scene…

but just without all the makeup and costume changes! Just try your best not to post photos from anywhere too expensive or anyone who might be recognizable (so don’t post on Facebook or Instagram)! Your viewers will love these because it gives them something behind your scenes…

20) Post About Your Techniques

If you’re a wiz with Photoshop, show it off! Even if you can’t do anything too complicated, there are definitely things that you could teach someone about photo editing.

This is also helpful for people who might be just getting into photography in general: maybe they don’t really know what to do after they take the shot and it’s edited… but if you tell them how to get started on post-processing, your viewers will still love the content that they get from your blog!

21) Post Tutorials On How To Use A Smartphone App

Most of us probably have at least one app on our phone right now… but did we even install it ourselves or was someone else the one who set it up for us?

If you’re a photographer, this could be your chance to show off how well you know your trade (and if you don’t know much about something, no one’s expecting you too!). There are tons of apps out there that all do different things… so why not learn to use them all instead of wasting time on just one!

22) Post Photos That Are Taken In Your Area

People like when they see pictures from their area because they can relate with them more. Everyone feels better when they can say “Hey! I’ve got some friends over there” or “I remember when we went somewhere similar last year!”

They might even recognize the streets in your picture and feel more connected to what you’re doing… they might even share your picture with others.

23) Post About Places You’ve Traveled

This one’s similar to posting local photos onto your blog, but the difference is that people are much more inclined to travel than they are to live in a certain area.

Maybe someone will get inspired by what you wrote and want to go on their own little trip! It doesn’t matter how big or small it was, as long as you had fun when you went somewhere. Even if someone didn’t like where you went, maybe they’ll be able to find some inspiration from how much fun they missed out on!

24) Post During Holidays

We all know about Christmas already, but try posting about other holidays like Halloween or Valentine’s Day. People will know that you’re just trying to get in the spirit, instead of it feeling like a commercialized ambush on everyone who reads it! Who knows…

maybe this could even be an opportunity for you to do something different every year (like taking pictures with something related to the holiday)!

25) Post Tips For Other Bloggers

The majority of your viewers will probably be bloggers themselves and they’ll love tips straight from the source. Even if you write a blog post telling people how to add more comments onto their own page, they’ll appreciate that because blogging is all about being helpful!

If you can help out other people, then hopefully they’ll pass along some karma onto you as well.

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26) Post About Your Camera

They might not be photographers, but just about everyone has a camera nowadays. Whether it’s to watch movies or take pictures for the kids school project, there are lots of reasons why people use their cameras!

So if you’re proud of your tool of choice, let them know how much you like it and the benefits that make it worthwhile to have! Be sure to tell them which features on your camera are most important and what you think is the best benefit that comes with having one.

Even though they might not be readers who will actually buy one, they’ll still appreciate reading about yours… it feels nice knowing someone else likes something too!

27) Post Pictures Of Your Pets

This one should be pretty easy because who doesn’t love taking pictures of their pets? If you have a pet that’s really famous around your area, then this is definitely an idea to throw out there. Everyone will want to see how cute or funny they are and they’ll probably tell other people about it too!

28) Post Your Favorite Photos Of The

Week Every week, pick a photo that you’re proud of and post it up on your blog. Now I know what you’re thinking: “What if all I did was commute to work for all my client shoots!?” Well the good news is that photography goes beyond just taking pictures… sometimes preparing a shot takes longer than just snapping the shutter!

Maybe it’ll be a photo for your portfolio, or maybe you just decided to take a picture of the sunset while sitting at a bus stop… either way, show them how much you appreciate photography!

29) Write Blog Posts That Teach People About Photography

There are all sorts of articles out there that explain different aspects about photography. However, very few people actually write blog posts about this subject…

and even fewer people make those posts entertaining enough to read! This is a huge opportunity for you because if no one’s written something on your topic yet, then you can easily stand out from the crowd by posting up something new and exciting.

As long as it’s informative and actually worth reading, then I’m sure it’ll blow up your blog page!

30) Write About The Weather

Everyone loves reading about the weather because we all want to know if we’re going to be stuck inside or if we get to go outside and take pictures.

If you write a blog post about how hot it is, then everyone might feel better knowing that maybe they can have fun outdoors too! It also might help them understand what your picture taking experience was like… which means, they’ll appreciate your photos even more!

Maybe instead of writing an entire blog post about the weather, just briefly mention something about when you took certain photos and why. That’s a great way for people to start thinking on their own (instead of having everything fed to them).

So if you had just written something about how you had to wait 3 weeks to take photos because of a hurricane, then they might look at your pictures and realize that it must have been really beautiful! Maybe they’ll even be inspired enough by your photography skills to go outside themselves and take better shots.

31) Write A Blog Post About Your Favorite Photo

Chances are, you have one shot in particular that holds a special place in your heart… now’s the time to share it with everyone else! Go into detail about why this photo is significant or if you like it so much, then maybe people will see what it takes for you to come up with those types of shots.

Even if they’re not photographers themselves, there’s no doubt that lots of them would enjoy reading your thoughts on a photo that meant something to you.

32) Write About Your Vacation Obsessions

Everyone knows that vacations are the best thing in life… and if you’re going to talk about it, then why not share it with everyone else?

If you just got back from a vacation or plan to go somewhere soon, then write up blog posts about everything that made you so excited! It’ll be fun for your readers because most of them probably have similar interests (but don’t know where to start).

Maybe people will realize that they can actually take cool pictures while on vacation too! They might even tell other people about how your photography is great and they’d love to work with a photographer like you someday.

Bottom Line :

A lot of photographer are intimidated by the thought of blogging. Many have the misconception that you need to be a writer to blog, or that they have to share deep insights about their topic.

Photography bloggers are (or should be) everywhere nowadays. With apps like Instagram, social media and all the other forms of internet communication, it is pretty easy to make a blog and start promoting your photography in an instant.

But how often do you see blogs that look absolutely terrible? It comes down to two things: design and content. These both combine to give a professional image about what you are doing with your photography and makes sure your message reaches every one of your followers.

If you’re going to spend time on your blog then I strongly suggest taking advantage of these things;

You do NOT need literary skills or an MBA to create a dynamic photography blog. Not at all! What you DO need is knowledge and passion for your business/item/service.

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