What does FYTB mean ?

If you’ve been watching the Olympics or following social media, you’ve probably heard the abbreviation F.Y.T.B or seen it trending on Twitter and Facebook. What does F.Y.T.B mean? An acronym for ‘Follow Your True Bliss’ it’s a term coined by Joseph Campbell in his 1987 book of lectures and interviews, ‘The Power of Myth’. It … Read more

Why is My Sack Always Tight?

It can be incredibly uncomfortable when your scrotum feels tight, especially after extended periods of sitting or walking around. If you’re wondering why your sack is always tight, you probably have too much tension in this area of your body, which can put you at risk for developing more serious issues like varicoceles and testicular … Read more

How He Loves Us Lyrics

“How He Loves” is a song by John Mark McMillan off of his studio album “The Song Inside the Sounds of Breaking Down” (2005). John Mark McMillan wrote this song after the death of his best friend, Stephen Coffey. Coffey died in a car accident just hours after he had prayed out loud, “I’d give … Read more

Why does my girlfriend feel looser sometimes?

When you go to bed with your partner, you probably don’t think about the fact that their vagina may have changed size or shape from the last time you saw it. But in reality, this can happen quite often, and it’s completely normal! In fact, most of the time vaginal loosening happens because of estrogen … Read more

What Color is Caviar Exactly?

Most of us know that caviar comes from fish eggs, and we’ve heard it’s an expensive delicacy. But what color exactly is caviar? Where does it come from? And, most importantly, how can you get your hands on some? The answers to these questions and more are below! Let’s take a look at what color … Read more

How to Change WordPress Login URL? (Quick Ways)

Are you a WordPress user and thinking of changing your WordPress website login URL for additional security? If yes, then this article is for you. Below we have shared step-by-step instructions about how you can change your WordPress website login URL. In today’s world of digitalization, most businesses are going online. As we all know, … Read more

The 5 Ways That The Blockchain Can Benefit Your Business

There are so many ways that the blockchain is transforming business aside from the use of cryptocurrency. Of course, most of the attention goes to the value of bitcoin and other currencies, but that is far from the only benefit that the blockchain offers businesses and individuals. The blockchain has disrupted many traditional industries and … Read more

What Is a Line Graph

A line graph is a kind of chart that exhibits how a specific variable adjustments over time. The y-axis on a line graph represents the variable that’s being measured, whereas the x-axis represents time. Factors are plotted on the graph to symbolize the worth of the variable at completely different closing dates. A line is … Read more