On-Page SEO: The Ultimate Guide To Follow 2022

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This is complete list of on page SEOoptimization in 2022 You should follow to get more traffic. But before you go I Want to say you that Off-page SEO is not work unless you follow the basics on-page SEO.
Ultimate On-page SEO guide
Google Has hundreds of SEO factors to rank website and not revial it. But, Many SEO Guys Practice and able to get such a good performance and know some ways to increase ranking.
There are two ways to increase organic reach on search engines.
  • On-page SEO
  • Off page SEO
In this article, I will explain what is SEO, why it is important, and the 10 most important On-Page SEO Practices. these on page SEO are work on all CMS Such as blogger and WordPress. In Word-press you can use plugins to improve site SEO.

What Is On Page SEO

on page search engine optimization refers to optimizing web pages for better ranking and traffic.
on page SEO techniques includes optimizing the page’s HTML, internal links, and metadata (meta title, meta description, and keyword density).
When you add all these aspects on a web page, you will get an improved web page due to on-page search engine optimization.
Backlinks, social media, brand mentions and sharing from other websites may have a direct or indirect impact on the website’s ranking in the SERP.
On-page SEO is based on the actual content of the page, which means that any content on the website may fall into the scope of affecting SEO. on page SEO includes text, metadata, multimedia content, HTML code, CSS, JavaScript, etc.

why on-page seo is important ?

importance of on pageSEO: if you are doing blogging many times you will know that Not every people can do off page SEObut on page SEOcan.
Please bookmark this article and follow every time before publishing article.
On-page SEO helps search engines bot to determine whether a search engine query is relevant to your website. Google updates its algorithms regularly to better understand the intent of search engines and provide search results that meet the needs of user.
As Google’s algorithms evolve, so should your website. Your website and its content, including user-visible content (ie media, content, images) and search engine-visible content (ie metadata, HTML), must be optimized for the latest practices used by SEO companies.
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this way, search engines can understand your website and how to rank it. Whether, you are a large or small website (Blog) owner, on-page search engine optimization is important.
From a search engine such as Google and Bing, about 40% of online revenue also comes from search traffic.
One more thing to consider: the first top result on Google received more than 32% of keyword traffic, and the first page of search results received up to 91.5% of traffic.
This is why on-page search engine optimization is so important.
Without it, your website may miss ranking opportunities for specific search queries (keywords).

benefits of on-page SEO

  • Don’t Need much effort.
  • No Need External sources such as backlinks to Consider.
  • Help you for long term SEO success.
  • Ranking Higher In The SERP results.
  • Boosting Organic Traffic.

on page vs off page seo

On-page SEO is completely different from off page SEO. In On page Search Engine Optimization we have to work on only our site for better SERP visibility.
but, Off page SEOrequired work to do outside of web-page such as guest posting, create backlinks and more.For Off-page SEO we have to find ways to earn more quality backlinks. Don’t forget to do monthly broken link check-up of website It helps to not affect website SEO..

how to do on-page seo In 2022

Below are step by step on page seo activities and elements you should consider for your every Article.

Title Optimization :

Every time people search on google or any search engine what they first see ?
They see Title And Search description, Right.
You have to write better Title That will attract users to click. Even if your article rank on different keyword people love to come again.
  • Use Search Intent Keywords
  • Unique and different title
  • Add Call to action
  • 55-60 characters
I have collected some tools that can help you to generate SEO Title or you can optimize Title after publish.

Create Structure and Format

Create a google article structure that can navigate by search engine bots and users.
you can check you competitor content structure but don’t copy. #be_unique


  • Write Engaging intro and outro that will meet users so, they will come next time.
  • We have to consider human psychology when writing, promoting article.
  • Write at-least 5 paragraph that contains 3 to 5 lines each.
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Table Of Contents

Many people don’t use table of content on article or blog post. Table of contents help you to rank heading and subheadings in SERP so users go those content.
You should consider it. I have already published post on how to add TOC on blogger automatic or Manual.


Search Engine Robots gives high priority on some HTML tags such as bold, italic, H1-H6. That’s why professional uses it.
But, Use Only One H1 Tag On every Web Page.


Your written paragraph should be easily to read without any grammar mistakes. 3-7 paragraph is good practice to write where every paragraph should contain 1-5 lines.

Article Images

Many Newbie Blogger’s Don’t use images on Article Or using Copyrighted images. It’s a reason they can’t rank. To rank images on SERP you need to do image optimization.
  • The More Better, Quality, Unique images you will use your ranking chances increase.
  • Use at-least one image to your every blog post.
  • Use image after headings can rank images easily.

Info-graphics :

Graphics get more shares and links compared to text. professional Blogger and content writer know these technique so, they use at-least one on every content.


Links also help google to understand your content informal. No One can provide information without using or testing third party sources. So, you need to consider internal and external links if you get some date from other resources.

Internal Link’s

The more Internal link you will add on your content the more your SEO performance will increase. Think Like Wikipedia. You will see that every Wikipedia content contains many internal links. These is the reason google’s any algorithm updates can’t harm Ranking.
  • Add at-least 10 internal links
  • internal links should be relevant.
  • don’t over it.

external Links

Don’t hesitate to add external links on your content if necessary. if you don’t give you link to other, why they will.
  • if you can’t add internal links should ad external links.
  • 1-4 external links is a good practice.
  • don’t add same domain many links on your site. it will say google that you are exchanging links.


If Article or content you publishing need videos embed it. You can get videos from YouTube if available or create by self.

Word Length :

Word length depend on the content you are providing. Not every Post can Contains 2000+ words. Suppose if someone looking for step by step guide to add template on blogger. how much word length we can write ? .
At-most 700+ right.
Don’t right for search engines you have to write for your audience. if your user will meet search engine will. But , Write at-least 400+ words long every post.


Keywords is a one of the best and powerful way to rank on google (and other search engine also). Keywords help search engines bots to know where should rank these article.
Don’t write to rank for one keyword by keyword stuffing. Search engine know these techniques and not working in 2022. Do keyword research to get many keywords and add on content by relevancy.
Some Places Keyword Should Use for Better SEO Performance :
  • Title
  • First 100 words
  • last 150 words
  • headings
  • list’s
  • URL
  • search description


Add FAQ schema to give users questions. If you are doing blogging on blogger also can add FAQ schema.

Labels Or Categories :

Labels and categories are same on google blogger but, In WordPress both are different. Add these to safe with breadcrumb error.
  • use at-lease 1 label on every article.
  • maximum 3 labels use.
  • labels should be relevant and Max 7 words long.
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Come up with a great URL need some experience or guide. URL should be relevant to your article and content. The small , the better. If you will want to rank for only long tail keywords can use on URL’s.

Search Description :

After the Article title user attract on search description. The better relevant and good search description you write your CTR will increase.
And google consider CTR As a Ranking Factor. Let’s suppose, your article on 6 position, and people click more and spend more time compared to above ranking article your article will outrank your competitor post .
We have limitation to write meta description under 150 words and we have to focus on it.
Don’t stuff keywords to rank fast, it will only help you to rank for short time.

Outro :

End with great outro. Ask users to share and bookmark so, you will get more links and shares.

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