Now there will be a normal call on Earth from Moon and Mars too! The responsibility of making this possible is on this Indian

Now it is going to be possible to talk on Earth from the Moon and Mars.

The special thing is that if the person who makes this difficult possible is an Indian, then happiness increases even more.

Yes, very soon the astronauts will start talking to their homes and relatives from the moon and Mars.

Not only this, astronauts will also be able to watch movies and videos on the phone on the moon and Mars.

Let us tell you that the US space agency NASA is preparing to send a manned mission to the moon.

NASA has entrusted the responsibility of setting up 4G network on the moon to Nokia.

Let us tell you that the command of this company is currently in the hands of an Indian Nishant Batra.

Nishant Batra belongs to a middle class business family of Delhi.

Let us tell you that Nishant is the Global Strategy Technology Head at Nokia.

Nishant is currently living in Ispu, Finland.

Along with this, Batra also has the responsibility of technology and research at Bell Labs.

This lab has received 9 Nobel Prizes and five Turing Awards.

NASA has entrusted the responsibility of providing mobile connectivity for its lunar mission to Nokia.

Now you will be able to talk on Earth from the Moon and Mars

Nishant was born in the year 1978 and did his MBA from INSEAD Business School.

Nishant graduated in computer science from Southern Metodist University, USA, after obtaining a bachelor’s degree in computer applications from Devi Ahilya University, Indore.

Nishant has a long experience of working in the telecom industry.

What is Nishant Batra’s connection with India?

Let us tell you that NASA gave this project to Lure Connectivity in the year 2022.

In the year 2024, NASA is planning to send humans to the moon.

So far, only NASA has sent manned missions to the moon.

Neil Armstrong was the first human to land on the Moon in 1969.

NASA wants to use Nokia’s network for its Moon mission.

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After the 4G network is established on the moon, calls can be made on the earth.

How will the 4G network be established on the Moon?

According to Batra, ‘After the 4G network is established on the moon, calls can be made on earth.

Also, after having internet there, mobile.

One can also listen to movies, videos and songs on laptop.

Let us inform that Nishant’s team is also doing research in 6G technology.

Nishant further said that we are using standard operating technology for communication on the moon.

IT Engineers of India are one of the best talent in the world.

These people will play an important role in the development of technology in the future.

Very soon Nokia will induct such Indian talent.

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