New Royal Pass BGMI Date – BGMI M10 Royal Pass Release & Leaks

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New Royal Pass BGMI Date:In BGMI, royal pass has been the most expected one among other events, updates and rewards etc. Right now, m9 RP got concluded very recently. So obviously the next one will be the m10 royal pass. So BGMI fans are just waiting for the New royal pass Bgmi date. So are you waiting too? If then, follow here to know about the New royal pass BGMI date.

So with m9 BGMI RP coming to an end, the m10 royal pass is set to take over in the next few days. Every BGMI fan has been waiting for the day to arrive, as always there are a lot of new goodies like skins, themes, cosmetics, parachutes, backpacks, etc. An improved skill set can really help you progress in your game level.

Here let’s see about the New royal pass Bgmi date, new rewards, and other things. With an improved skillset and new themes and skins launched, this season is set to be more exciting than the previous ones. With a new RP level from 1 to 50, a new set of bounties are there for elite and elite plus passes. Let’s see what more about the New royal pass Bgmi date.

New Royal Pass BGMI Date: Release Date and More

New Royal Pass BGMI DateNew Royal Pass BGMI Date

New Royal Pass BGMI Date
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As you know with the conclusion of m9 pass, without any doubt the next RP would be m10. The new cycle season has brought in lots of excitement among the BGMI fans, as there will be a minimum of 1 royal pass every month which is something new. With rp you can compete with players, in tournaments and also in rp 1 to 50 level. By finishing challenges you will redeem new items.

With 360 UC you can purchase the elite pass and with 960 UC again you can buy the elite plus pass in BGMI. The New royal pass Bgmi date is expected at 22nd April around 8 pm. BGMI fans are just holding their excitement as to what they will witness this time around. Besides the New royal pass Bgmi date, some interesting leaks about the rewards are also being shared. Here we will see more about it.

Royal Pass BGMI Date: Missions and Exclusive Rewards

New Royal Pass BGMI DateNew Royal Pass BGMI Date

New Royal Pass BGMI Date

The New royal pass Bgmi date is approaching, the new set of rewards is coming with better attributes this time. Here are some of the new additions.

New parachute, new stomp emote, plane skin, backpack, Atlantic plane. Granade skin, parasuit skin, atlanta , akm skin. Themed anniversary events are all the expected ones in this. By purchasing royal pass you can improve your season level and also improving your skillsets too. So with the new royal pass release date round the corner, use these rewards and make a progress.

So that’s it all about the new Royal Pass Bgmi date for m10 RP. With every new pass coming all month, enjoy the 4-week event and win many rewards.

M9 & 10 Royal Pass BGMI Release Date:

The new Royal Pass Bgmi date for m10 is expected on 22nd April, this season is expected to go around for 4 weeks and will last until May mid before the next one proceeds. So make your team and win using the royal pass to upgrade your level in every season.


The new royal pass Bgmi date is out here, which is coming out next week. The BGMI m10 royal pass will be a treat for fans with many new items coming with it. Hope you all play and improve your level using the royal pass. The other updates about the new royal pass BGMI date are expected to be out soon from us. Stay tuned with us for further exclusive news.

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