Most Important Dos & Don’ts Of Using Social Bookmarking Websites

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So you are new to the social bookmarking world.

Or maybe you have an account in one or more of these sites, but don’t get great results.

Maybe some of your bookmarks have even been spidered by google, but no one else seems to be finding them…

Most Important Dos & Don'ts Of Using Social Bookmarking Websites

if you want to send more traffic from Yahoo, make sure the bookmark is not already showing up on Google too!

Also, using some or all of your tags consistently will help let Google know which page the bookmark is for.

39+ Most Important Dos & Don’ts Of Using Social Bookmarking Websites

1) Do post unique and quality content.

2) Do use social bookmarking websites to promote your blog or website.

3) Don’t submit the same article to every one of them unless it is really miraculous (and even then, do not spam).

4) Do add a standard signature while writing your comments in forums and leave the link pointing back to your website/blog/profile page etc. while using other social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Digg etc.

5) Don’t expect immediate results from all of them (especially if you don’t put in added effort and continue doing what you were doing before applying these strategies).

You might get lucky with some but others will take time.. lots of it sometimes!

6) Do try to make your username and description different from other accounts (atleast different enough to be considered unique).

7) Don’t just add keywords in your description. If you’re lucky, Google might think that your profile is a spam account and it will punish by blacklisting: “No one can find or see your website/profile in search results”.

8) Do not only market yourself in the comments sections of blogs etc. Get out there and network with others – it’s what social media networking sites are all about!

9) Don’t forget to add value while interacting with people. You wouldn’t like it if you went up to someone and they only talked about themselves.. would you? So don’t do the same.

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10) Do sign up with all of them, even if at first it seems useless to you.

Sign-up is free and the only thing they require is that your profile should be public (or else they can’t view/list you).

You never know when someone might recommend one of their friends which will give you a new audience.. or say, Google may stumble upon your account and list it for some good related searches etc.


Don’t let other people view your profile as secret! It’s very simple – If there are no followers on your profile, no one can find you in search results.

And if no one can find you, then what’s the point? Your account will be just like another profile, asking for recommendations or adding them as friends. People won’t take you seriously.

12) Don’t be evil! If you want to “steal” your competitor’s online identity, don’t do it so blatantly.

Use their images and their profiles but alter the name.. something like patsy_woods is much better than linda_mellark πŸ™‚

13) Do not try to sell stuff on a public profile if you have a private account where only your friends can see it.

Being found out will getyou in trouble and people will lose trust in you. It’s just wrong… period!

14) Do use social media sites wisely to find new audiences outside of competitors or niche markets – the possibilities are endless!

15) Don’t make a public account and then make it private without any reason or warning.

People who first follow you won’t know that your profile is now only for friends, they still think that they can view your stuff as a follower.

You’ll lose those followers.. and they may not return again.

16) Do try to find all details of social bookmarking websites available on Internet – do it before creating accounts so you don’t miss out on anything.

17) Don’t overdo your activities with social media networking sites..

It will get noticed by administrators and moderators thus making them ban you from their website(s).

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18) Do post original content where possible (but if the content itself belongs to someone else, you must have the permission of the author to post it).

19) Do try to join niche social networking sites which will help you get a good start.

But again, don’t overdo it!

20) Do read about advantages and disadvantages of different social media sites so that you know what not to do.. ignorance is no excuse.

21) Don’t forget to post your website/blog link on all social bookmarking websites where you’ve created an account – just add them in your “About Me” section if possible.

Many people won’t notice your profile if they can’t find a way to contact with you easily.

22) Do make sure that links in profiles are working properly before going live πŸ™‚ .

It’s better to find and fix any mistakes before your profile is open for public view.

23) Don’t use only the default images which social media networking sites provide until you’ve created a personalized theme/header to stand out from the rest of profiles..

Personalized themes will attract visitors as well as support your personal branding agenda.

24) Do not expect immediate results – it takes time to build quality backlinks so give yourself some time!

Social media networking sites are all about building relationships and establishing credibility over time. There’s nothing like instant gratification here:), ha-ha!

25) Don’t spam other people’s profiles or accounts with junk stuff! Add value everytime by giving something good back to the community.

Always keep in mind that no one is interested in you until you actually give something good back.. Build relationships and great things will follow, guaranteed!

26) Do try to be creative when making accounts on websites with custom themes.

Don’t just pick a default template or use your social media site’s default background picture – it shows lack of effort and may get you banned in the future.

27) Don’t use images which are copyrighted/trademarked because it breaks copyright laws and can lead to permanent bans from social networking websites.

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If your account is deleted due to copyright violation, no one will help you recover it so take precautionary measures before uploading anything.

28) Do not let other people post requests for adding friends on your behalf unless they have permission to do so.

It’s your profile and people who are willing to add you must follow proper channels that you specified when creating accounts (e.g., only by using direct messages or friend requests).

29) Don’t create more than 40-50 profiles on popular social bookmarking websites – it will get noticed quickly and/or your accounts might be deleted without warning.

Also, don’t use proxy servers to post public bookmarks either if you have so many accounts since it can lead to permanent bans for spamming.

30) Do try to take full advantage of the tools which social media sites provide in their dashboards or control panels – they are quite helpful especially when used properly!

31) Don’t post the same thing on different social media networking websites repeatedly because it’s spam if you do so.

A better option is to write something unique and interesting everytime, which means that you have to put some work into it.

32) Don’t use the same user name everywhere.. Try to be creative while making different accounts on social media sites or try changing just one or two characters in your previous usernames.

It will help others distinguish easily between various accounts made by the same person.

33) Do not post objectionable images/materials/links on other people’s profiles without their permission..

If you are caught, many trusted users might blacklist you for life even if you posted just one inappropriate link even if someone else wrote it originally. Your reputation is at stake here!

34) Do fill in the β€œAbout Me” section of your profiles – it’s an important part which people will read to learn more about you when visiting your profile.

People are interested in knowing who you are so try to stand out by writing unique stuff, not just something generic..

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35) Don’t use fake email address while registering accounts on social bookmarking websites.

Some networks require confirmation through email so be prepared with a functional one. Spamming accounts happen because of fake emails mostly so don’t make this common mistake..

36) Do verify that the sites where you submit bookmarks are free from malware or viruses before submitting them – it can mess up your computer later if they are infected! Better safe than sorry πŸ™‚

37) Don’t lose yourself in the huge amount of information within social media websites..

Have a goal or objective that you want to complete by participating, then follow it accordingly. Keep track of your progress and act accordingly.

38) Do take time out for reading articles/posts on other people’s profiles – they might provide valuable information which will surely be useful for your activities on the network.

Also, always try to give something back by writing meaningful posts or comments!

39) Don’t ask too many redundant questions if you are already aware of answers found online.. It can annoy others plus it can also lead to queries getting ignored so use this tip with caution πŸ™‚

40) And last but not least, do remember to have fun while social networking – it’s supposed to be enjoyable so get started by making new friends or contacts.. Keep it moving!

Social bookmarking websites are a great way to organise and share your bookmarks with others as well as finding those of other users.

Bookmarking websites often provide stats on the most popular or trending tags within a certain time period.

Many also allow for visitors to vote for, comment on and re-share your bookmarks meaning that you can expose yourself to a wider audience for little cost.

Social bookmarking is an underutilised addition to social media marketing which can lead to improved rankings in search engines, greater reach and more backlinks – all key SEO measures – but only if done correctly.

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