Michelle Muscatello: How Much Money Does She Make?

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Michelle Muscatello: How Much Money Does She Make?

Michelle Muscatello has been the general manager of Capital Public Radio since November 2012, but she got her start in the public radio business much earlier than that.

Here’s how much money she makes as the GM of Capital Public Radio, and where her income comes from.

If you’re interested in finding out how much money public radio professionals make or whether they make enough money to live on, read on!

$36,000 a Month from YouTube

Michelle Muscatello is a YouTuber who makes an estimated $36,000 a month from her videos.

She has over 300 videos on her channel, which covers a range of topics from beauty and fashion to lifestyle and travel.

Michelle’s success on YouTube comes from her ability to connect with her viewers and create relatable content.

It takes time for any new YouTuber to build up their following, but Michelle started off strong by posting daily vlogs from the beginning of her career.

The internet generation can’t get enough of people like her; she has mastered the art of aestheticism, making it possible for anyone to live their best life through just watching a video or two.

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$14,000 Per Month From Amazon Affiliate

Michelle Muscatello is an Amazon Affiliate and makes around $14,000 per month from her online business. In order to make this much money, she had to put in a lot of hard work and dedication.

Plus, she’s also very lucky to have found a niche that is profitable and has low competition. Another thing that helped her get to where she is now was building relationships with bloggers.

Once you build good relationships with other bloggers, they will want to share your posts which will lead more people to your site and potentially buy something there as well.

$11,000 Per Month From Affiliate Programs

Michelle Muscatello is a well-known affiliate marketer who makes a significant income from her affiliate programs. In fact, she makes over $11,000 per month from her various affiliate programs.

This is an incredible amount of money, especially considering that she does not have a full-time job outside of her online business.

Affiliate marketing isn’t the only way in which Michelle earns money, however. For example, her Instagram account has more than 700,000 followers and she charges people to use it as a platform for promotion or advertisement (i.e., shoutouts).

$5,500 Per Month From Her Books and Courses

Michelle Muscatello is a business coach and author who helps people make more money.

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makes an average of $5,500 per month from her books and courses. Her most popular book, How to Make More Money, has sold over 100,000 copies.

In addition to her books and courses, Michelle also offers one-on-one coaching services.

For these services, she charges an hourly rate between $150 and $200. One of the factors that affects how much she charges for her coaching sessions is whether or not the client has purchased any of her products in the past year.

Michele’s Story – I am living proof that making more money doesn’t have to be difficult! I was struggling with my finances for years because I was working so hard but still coming up short each month.

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