Karen’s Memory Walk: How Much Money Did She Raise for Alzheimer’s?

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Karen’s Memory Walk: How Much Money Did She Raise for Alzheimer’s?

Karen’s Memory Walk was a huge success! At the last minute, Karen managed to secure the support of Mayor Jones, 

who personally announced the official start of the walk and proclaimed May 13th as Alzheimer’s Awareness Day.

Mayor Jones also presented Karen with an official proclamation and declared that May 13th will now be known as Karen’s Memory Walk Day in honor of Karen’s brave efforts to raise awareness of Alzheimer’s Disease while raising money to support research into finding treatments and,

one day, a cure. How much money did Karen raise? Read on to find out more…

5 Ways To Raising Money For Charity

1. Have a bake sale

2. Have a car wash

3. Have a yard sale

4. Have a lemonade stand

5. Have a bake off

Why Is Crowdfunding A Good Way To Raise Funds?

Crowdfunding is a great way to raise money for a cause because it allows people to donate what they can and share the campaign with their social networks.

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This method of fundraising has helped Karen reach her goal of $1,000 for the Alzheimer’s Association.

What Are Some Other Ways That You Can Use to Get Donations?

There are a few other ways that you can get donations for your chosen charity. You can set up a booth at local events, or go door to door in your neighborhood.

You can also send out emails or post on social media to ask for donations.

Whatever method you choose, make sure you are clear about how the money will be used and why it is important to donate.

Where Do You Send Your Donors?

Karen raised money for Alzheimer’s by walking 60 miles over the course of four days.

You can support her by donating to her GoFundMe page. 100% of the proceeds will go to the Alzheimer’s Association.

Why did you choose this charity? (three sentences): I chose this charity because my grandmother had Alzheimer’s, and I saw firsthand how much it affected her and our family.

5 Tips For Successfully Fundraising On Facebook

1. Start by creating a Facebook fundraiser.

2. Share your story and why you’re raising money.

3. Set a fundraising goal and ask people to help you reach it.

4. Share your progress and thank donors as you reach milestones.

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5. Keep your fundraiser going until you reach your goal!

5 Things I Learned While Fundraising For A Charity Walk


It takes a lot of time and effort to fundraise for a charity walk.

2. You need to be organized and have a plan.

3. You need to set a goal and stick to it.

4. You need to be creative in your fundraising efforts.

5. You need to have passion and dedication to reach your fundraising goals.

When Can I Start Planning My Event For Next Year?

The best time to start planning your event is actually about 10-11 months before the event date.

This may seem like a long time, but it really takes that much time to plan a successful event.

By starting early, you’ll have plenty of time to find the perfect venue, send out save-the-dates, and make all the other important decisions that go into planning an event.

3 tips on how you can help me next year with my walk

1. Join the walk! It’s a great way to get some exercise and raise money for a good cause.

2. Donate to the cause! Every little bit helps, and 100% of donations go towards research and support for those affected by Alzheimer’s.

3. Spread the word! The more people that know about the walk, the more people will come out to support it.

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