Is Domain Authority Is A SEO Ranking Factor ?

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Domain authority (DA) is one of the most talked about SEO metrics.

Not only because it’s mentioned in every other article on this topic, but also because there are very few things known about its origin and meaning.
This makes it easy to come up with all kinds of theories about what DA actually means for your website.
Let’s try to sort this out using facts only – the way it should be done in an educated discussion.

Is Domain Authority a SEO ranking factors? So…what exactly is The root cause ?

Is Domain Authority Is A SEO Ranking Factor ?
Domain Authority quite simply put, is a metric which tells you how competitive your domain is in your particular niche.
It’s calculated by the Mozscape web index, which currently has over 100 billion pages in it, across 2.8 billion domains.
That means that DA is a representation of link data from the real world – not just data from some other algorithm which might be prone to manipulation.
Now I know what you’re thinking – this doesn’t actually tell us much about Domain Authority itself! This is where things get interesting…

So…why does this matter? Why should we care how competitive our domains and subpages are?

There is an easy answer: Google gives rankings based on the chances your page has to rank for a given search.
If you’re a powerful site, it is more likely that your page will rank for certain queries.
Conversely, if your domain has less power, Google may see your content as not very relevant or compelling and thus rank you lower in the SERPs (also known as “relevancy”).

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Do I need to buy Domain Authority?

And it can be even simpler than this: DA represents how competitive the search results would be were you to rank for a given keyword.

If we believe in the premise of SEO being about creating great content which cats are interested in (and not gaming Google), then DA tells us something really important.
How hard would it be for our pages to make it into the top 10 if we ranked there naturally? Obviously, the higher your Domain Authority, the more competitive your pages are.
To do well in search, you want to rank for searches that have many people looking at them.
That’s a little simplistic, of course – building a good business is about doing a lot of things right and ranking in difficult categories may be one of those things.
it’s also about being an appealing choice when somebody is looking for what you have to offer.

So…Is DA a SEO Ranking factors?

If we assume that relevancy is important in Google Search results, then yes!
Domain Authority matters because it tells us how likely our content is to be clicked on were it ranked highly by Google.

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Conclusion :

Regardless of what you think about link data as a metric, one thing is clear – it represents the pool of sites Google has decided are more or less relevant for a given query.
This makes Domain Authority an excellent metric for getting insight into how competitive your pages are, relative to others.

And I hope you have found this article useful.

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