is blogging still relevant In 2022

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Blogging is still relevant?

Just because blogging has been around for a decade doesn’t mean there’s anything outdated about the fundamental concept behind it. And if that doesn’t convince you, think about all the marketers who continue doing it and are actually seeing great benefits from their efforts.

is blogging still relevant

But with so many blogs out there – not just on the internet, but pretty much everywhere online and offline – how can you make sure yours stands out?

This article will prove whether blogging is indeed relevant in 2022 or if we should leave this medium altogether.

The answer isn’t simple at all, but this article will help you lay down some pointers that will help get your blog noticed. To help you with that, please keep reading and check out my take on why blogging is still relevant.

Blogging Benefits

Before we can talk about whether it’s relevant or not, let’s lay down some benefits of blogging first. These are the things that will make you see how valuable this content-promoting tool is:

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1. Build your credibility as an expert in a niche

I’ve been in internet marketing for years now, but there are certain topics I just don’t feel like writing much about. A lot of people think I know everything about everything when it comes to digital marketing , which isn’t really true at all.

What happens, however, is they get intimidated because they think they have to learn from someone who knows everything. In fact, they don’t have to do that at all because I (like most marketers) am writing for beginners.

But if you’re known as an expert in a niche, however, it’s easier to make your audience feel like you know what you’re talking about. Just make sure that everything you write has value and is super-relevant to your audience.

This includes having a blog on a specific topic or publishing ebooks/reports/pro guides with valuable information people can use and reference later on.

2. Showcase your expertise

If the first benefit helps convince people that you really know what you’re doing in your niche, this one should show them how well of a writer/marketer you really are.

The best way to showcase this is through your blog’s content, of course, but you can also have a separate site for that – like a website where you post about other topics that aren’t related to marketing.

Promote your products and services

It might sound odd since most blogs are promotional in some way or another. But if you think about it, there are still different kinds of promotion: You can do it directly with blog posts that mention your company name/product/service, or you can have people come to you by showcasing great content on your blog.

These can be tips on how to boost conversions using case studies (and maybe even include an info graphic they can use). Most importantly? Make sure the content is useful.

4. Gain more site traffic

This follows from number 1, of course. The more visitors you get to your blog, the higher chances are that they’ll click on another page and eventually end up on the purchase or sign-up page for one of your products/services.

If you’re a web developer this might not be as important since you won’t have such sales goals, but if you’re into any kind of affiliate marketing then getting more traffic is always crucial – especially when it’s quality traffic.

5. Get people talking about what they think (and leave comments)

Again, having great content will make people want to discuss it with others: They can talk about it in social media, they can leave useful comments to help out their fellow readers/influencers in a certain niche.

The more you get people talking and commenting the better your chances of getting them interested in your products or services too at some point.

6. Increase social media shares

Similar to number 4 above where high-quality content leads to clickable links and eventually sales, having great content also means that it’s easy for people to share on Facebook or Twitter.

You want this because anytime someone shares something from your page, it gets posted as well on their friends’ timeline. That means even more exposure for your brand!

To sum up:There are tons of benefits when it comes to blogging which is why 53% of use it as their primary content marketing strategy. Furthermore, the number of blogs increases by 12% each year!

Big companies like Dell and Microsoft publish new blogs on a weekly basis.

So it’s time for you to think about starting your own blog soon.

Just remember that throughout the writing process, keep asking yourself what the reader wants to know next and/or what problems she has in mind.

Remember that blogging isn’t dead and nobody will ever convince me of otherwise!

If you want to boost your exposure and credibility as an online business owner then blogging is still relevant in 2022.

It’s easy to see why:For one, it helps you show off your expertise in a given field by writing helpful content that can draw people into your world of marketing. Blogging also lets you promote your products and services effectively – even more so if the content itself is great enough for people to link or share about.

Finally, there are traffic benefits from building more site visitors who in turn get converted into leads/customers down the line…. As long as we’re having this conversation!

Blogging continues to be popular because 62% of companies use blogs for lead generation , 47% of bloggers say they make100% of their income from blogging, and some even like to write about things that aren’t related to marketing.

Write guest posts for a bigger audience​ ​If you’ve ever wondered why someone would want to read your content in the first place when they can just go on any other blog/website – then writing guest posts is going to be ideal for you.

You reach new audiences by promoting yourself as an expert in your niche or industry and you also get your name out there by simply getting published on hundreds/thousands of websites…. with links back to your own pages (when done right).

Here’s how it works:

1. Find people who run blogs or sites relevant to yours

First of all, you need to find websites that are relevant to your own industry/niche. These can be found by searching for blogs on the topic of interest, or you can simply search online for a list of sites in this niche (make sure they’re active first)

2. Make sure you offer something useful

So next, make sure your posts have content that’s actually helpful and thought-provoking so that other people won’t feel like they wasted their time reading it. Make a habit of writing things worth reading (as I always try to do)!

The more good-quality articles you write, the better chances you’ll get published somewhere else too.

3. Write at least 1 guest post per month​

Just remember that once you’ve written an article, you don’t have to wait around for it to get published.

You can pitch it to several different blogs and websites at once so that you can reach a bigger audience faster.

5. Make your blog go viral

As long as the content is high-quality and useful – there’s always that chance of hitting #1 on Google, tons of website visitors flooding in from social media, and having tons of shares/conversions due to all the backlinks pointing towards your blog post or site (this stuff happens more often than you might think).

6. You can even use your blog to make money online

on the side ​Make a ton of money with blogging in the long run by following these simple steps:

1. Create multiple blogs related to different topics

Start out by creating mini sites that are topically-focused, like this example from Brad Kim :

2. Provide epic content for each site

To build an audience fast – you need to provide something truly valuable and unique that will get people sharing it with others. One method is using my favorite software , BuzzSumo :

3. Build up a huge e-mail list (so they’ll subscribe at your site)

If you want people to show up again and again, ask them to give you their email address.

4. Give them free stuff in exchange (like ebooks)

Offer them a helpful eBook with information that they can use right away, or simply get their contact info in return for removing pop-ups from your website.

5. Promote it on Facebook , Twitter, and Pinterest

You’ll want to build up visibility for your site by promoting it on social media sites – being sure to always provide useful/valuable content for others so that they’ll see you as an expert first and foremost!

Remember: The best types of blogs are those with original thoughts written by true experts . If you don’t have this type of blog yet – then try out the others until you do! But once you do – then start blogging like this.

Bottom Line :

Contributing to a blog is totally still Relevant in 2022. And More than 53% of advertisers focus on writing for a blog as their essential substance promoting methodology. Moreover, contributing to a blog keeps on prospering with a 12% increment over the most recent 5 years.

What are your favorite tips and techniques for improving your blog’s performance? Click the comment box below and share what I’ve helped you figure out about blogging so far! I can only improve on my blogs if you tell me what could be better 🙂

Let’s work together in creating a more ideal world for both marketers and consumers, one step at a time… Thank you !

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