iPhone logo of half apple at the back can be use as a button in the latest update of ios 14 know how to use

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If you are an iPhone user then big news for you.

With the iOS 14 update, you can use the Apple logo on the back of your iPhone as a virtual button.

This update is available, so if you have not updated the phone yet, then you can enable it by following some steps of Accessibility Services by updating iPhone.

With the help of this virtual button, you will be able to easily perform user commands or other tasks.

Apple is giving back tap feature in iOS 14, with the help of which you can make back tap for double and triple tap.

iPhone logo of half apple at the back can be use as a button in the latest update of ios 14 know how to use

Apart from this, with the help of this back tap feature, users can use Home, Lock Screen, Mute, Notification Center, Reachability, Screenshot, Shake, Siri, Spotlight, Volume Down, Volume Up, Assistive Touch, Classic Inverter, Magnifier, Smart Invert, Speak Screen, Voice-over can select actions to give commands like zoom, scroll up, scroll down, app switcher and control center.

So let us tell you about the steps with the help of which you can enable this back tap feature…

>> First you have to go to the settings of your iPhone, then you have to select Accessibility and tap on Touch.

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Then scroll down a bit and tap on Back Tap

You can enable another accessibility feature, which is Assistive Touch.

It floats on the display of your phone like a small menu button, this feature you can rotate on the screen with your finger.

This feature allows the user to perform pinching or multi-finger swipe actions.

Let us tell you the steps to enable this feature.

>> To enable this feature, you have to go to your iPhone’s Settings, then tap on Accessibility.

Then you have to do Assistive Touch or you will be able to toggle this feature on.

You can also go to Accessibility Shortcut and tap on Assistive Touch.

Recently, Apple rolled out the iOS 14.5 update, in which the company will have to take permission from the user for any app to show ads, and the apps of any Apple product will have to tell the user that the user’s data.


to collect and use it.

In this update, iPhone users were given the facility to unlock the phone even with the mask.

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