Today we will be discussing India Post Payments Bank Motor Insurance (IPPB Motor Insurance), its benefits, eligibility, EMI calculator and much more.

India Post Payments Bank (IPPB) has recently started providing low cost motor insurance to its new account holders.

IPPB Motor Insurance

This plan lets you save a lot of money on your motor (car) insurance by covering damages to your vehicle and personal injuries caused by the vehicle in case of an accident, whether at your fault or not.

We already know that India Post Payments Bank (IPPB) has been set up under Department of Posts, Ministry of Communications with 100% equity owned by Government of India.
IPPB was launched on 1st September, 2018 by Hon’ble Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi.

The bank has been established with a vision to make it the most accessible, affordable and reliable bank for the common man in India. IPPB Offers simple and affordable banking solutions through an intuitive interface available in 13 languages.

Now it has started the facility of insurance for all the customers.

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That is, motor insurance, two wheeler insurance and health insurance.

Check out our guide to learn more about this new initiative

India Post Payments Bank Motor Insurance

and its features.

India Post Payments Bank Motor Insurance Policy

IPPB Bank has tied up with Bajaj Allianz Insurance Company and Tata AIG Insurance Company for motor insurance.

This private car package policy ensures that your smooth drive doesn’t get hampered by all the obstacles that come your way.


We know that people dream of having their own car.

They can go to any palace to enjoy life in private car.

But maintaining a motor car is completely different from buying a car.

Roads are some of the most precarious places where carelessness, ignorance, carelessness, or just bad luck can bring a lot of consequences for you and your car.

And as a car owner, these consequences cost you a lot.

From a small dent on the trunk to major accidents and natural calamities, a car on the road has to face various hazards on a daily basis.

In addition, there is money involved in every step of car recovery and protection.

so one

car insurance

Policy becomes indispensable in today’s day and age.

Your car should be insured to avoid the above risk.

If you haven’t taken

four wheeler insurance

For your car or if you have just bought a new car and looking for a car insurance policy, you need to check this

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Motor Insurance Policy

In detail.

You can buy IPPB Motor Insurance with just one click without any paperwork.

This process is simple, easy and fast.

IPPB Motor Insurance

How to Open IPPB Account Online?

India Post Payments Bank Motor Insurance Benefits

Car owners often consider auto insurance as a way to protect themselves from financial risks in case their vehicle is damaged or stolen.
While this is true, it is important not to overlook two other important benefits of having an insurance policy for your car: better coverage and lower premiums.

When you buy auto insurance from India Post Payments Bank (IPPB), you get a slew of perks from free personal accident cover and easy claim settlement, making it easy for you to enjoy affordable coverage, all in a simple way. are bundled in the policy.

Here are some comprehensive reasons why you should get it today and enjoy the following benefits- 24×7 spot assistance (add-on), motor on the spot, zero depreciation cover (add-on) m up to 50% no claim bonus No.

Some of the basic IPPB motor insurance benefits are explained in detail below.

India Post Payments Bank Motor Insurance Benefits


01. Covers expenses incurred on own loss

Car insurance is an investment that will protect you in case anything happens to your vehicle.

Apart from accidents, your car can also be damaged by natural calamities or unusual circumstances like malfunctions.

But don’t worry – with the right policy any damage to your car will be reimbursed!

02. Third-Party Liabilities

Cars get damaged due to natural calamities, accidents or any other problem.

In any case, you will have to spend money on fixing it.

So it is best to invest in a car insurance plan which will help you in this issue.

Your insurance company will take care of the expenses.

03. Personal Accidents

When you’re driving with your family, it’s never fun to have an accident.

So having four wheeler insurance is like having a lifeguard on the passenger seat.

It provides financial protection when any and all accidents happen, no matter how big or small they are.

A good car insurance policy also provides compensation for permanent disability arising due to a car accident.

It is a necessary form of protection for all families walking on the road.

04. Mandatory by Law

The law states that all vehicle owners must purchase a minimum of third-party car insurance as per the Motor Vehicles Act.

It’s not that hard either, but there will be consequences if you don’t do it and get caught.

05. Extended Benefits with Add-ons

you can make your own

IPPB Motor Insurance Policy

And much more with other extras like zero depreciation cover, consumables cover, breakdown assistance, and much more.

06. Additional Convenience

not only a comprehensive online

IPPB Four Wheeler Insurance

The policy allows you to enjoy the benefits of coverage for theft/damage of personal belongings, paperless-digital insurance applications and processing, online claims and spot services – this also means you can get it all from the comfort of your home. can do!

To know more about other benefits offered by IPPB, please visit Here,

IPPB Bank Motor Insurance Eligibility

To be eligible for motor insurance under India Post Payments Bank, there are several eligibility criteria that must be fulfilled.

For example, individuals with commercial vehicle license are not eligible for motor insurance under India Post Payments Bank.

Those having a valid license will have to give an undertaking that they will not use their vehicle for commercial use while availing Motor Insurance through India Post Payments Bank.

India Post Payments Bank Motor Insurance Claim Settlement Ratio is also discussed here.

It is completely timely and hassle free process.

India Post Payments Bank Motor Insurance EMI Calculator

India Post Payments Bank has launched a product for car owners that can help you save on your auto insurance payments.

Now when you are buying a new car or renewing your policy, you can avail the EMI calculator facility available with IPPB Car Insurance, based on the EMI options offered by various banks and financial institutions. Your monthly payment will work.

To get started, first select your vehicle and then fill in the details like loan amount, interest rate etc.

You will receive instant quotes from banks and other financial institutions listed with India Post.

It helps you compare rates and choose your most suitable option while paying just one lump sum premium through check or digital payment at any India Post Payments Bank branch across India.

If you want to get India Post Payments Bank Motor Insurance Application Form and Claim Form, you have to visit your nearest IPPB Bank or Post Office.


today i told about

India Post Payments Bank Motor Insurance (IPPB Motor Insurance)

And all its features including benefits.

If you have.

have any questions about

IPPB Motor Insurance Policy

So you have to go to your nearest post office.