Top 10 Ways to Increase AdSense CTR

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AdSense CPC is the price of a click on one of your ads. What is CPC formula? What does it mean to change my AdSense CPC? How do I increase my CPC rate?

This article will answer all your questions about cpc, decryption cpc formula, increasing cpc rates and how to manage ad clicks in Google Adsense platform.

Top 10 Ways to Increase AdSense CTR

You can also see what are Google’s current best practices for configuring maximum CPM, minimum CPM bids below.

Google uses an automated pricing system to show your ads on relevant pages across the web based on bidders’ auctions.

But if you want to be more competitive and increase your earnings with higher ad rankings by bidding higher than others, you need some tips for maximizing your revenue from Google AdSense.

Here is Top 10 Ways to Increase AdSense CTR and optimize your Ads for maximum revenue:

The CPC (cost-per-click) rate of the advertisers varies according to their current bids and quality score at Google’s auction where it matches ads and ad requests and ensures relevant and contextual ads based on the website content.

The more relevant, valuable and targeted ads are, the higher ranking they will enjoy in the advertising space.

So if an advertiser manages to provide high-quality ads, then its chances of winning an auction increases automatically at a given position which fetches more clicks leading to increased revenue.

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1) Provide relevant ads

2) Keep ad formats clean, avoid having multiple ad sizes within one page

3) If there are multiple types of content on your website, then create separate campaigns targeting each type of content with targeted keywords

4) Use geo location, language, operating system, browser etc.

targeting options to create your ads so that website visitors are shown relevant ads

5) Create Google search partners for better ad distribution

6) Make sure that all the titles and descriptions must be very clear & concise because these are the elements Google uses for determining advertisement relevance

7) Use negative keyword tool to avoid irrelevant clicks on your AdSense ads

8) For website publishers using HTTPS connection, make sure you are sending Referrer information with each bid request as it is used by Google’s automated pricing system to give preference in auctions.

9) Avoid sending overlapping referrals from different domains because Google uses this information to determine the frequency of your visitors to find out which website is sending more traffic.


it will give preference to the site that sends higher referral traffic while decreasing bids for other referring sites.

10) If you have a mobile version of your site, set up separate campaigns for it with specific targeting options to show relevant ads across all devices.

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The above tips help you get high CTR rates which will increase ad rankings due to Quality Score.

So make sure your ads are relevant and targeted enough to keep them free from any issues with Google AdSense T&Cs.

If you follow all these guidelines, then there are good chances that your CPC won’t come down much even though you raise bids substantially as advertisements would be relevant than ever before.

Optimize your website so that it is able to fetch higher bids based on maximum possible clicks from maximum targeted traffic you receive.

Bottom Line :

To get high clicks while following an ad format that is suitable to the content of your website, you need to achieve a good balance between CTR (Click-Through Rate) and Quality score.

A CPC bid should be set according to your budget while avoiding irrelevant ads increase the risk of losing money instead of earning.

The concept is simple: “High-quality ads produce higher revenue”.

Bonus Tip :

>>Do not click your own ads

Google’s “clicks-to-show” metric helps Google know which advertisements are clicked the most by a publisher audience and those that aren’t relevant enough.

If you use a bot or any other software for clicking ads, then this artificially increases CTRs which will make ranking of your AdSense ad decrease as this practice might be violating T&Cs.

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So it’s advisable to let real users click your ads as much as possible to increase CPC as well as earnings from Adsense account.

In case if websites have no option but to use bots for website operations, then this can also adversely affect CPC which will eventually lead to a complete ban of ads from your website.

In either case, it’s better not to take risk and refrain from clicking on your own ads.

As click fraud is also one of the elements that Google takes into consideration while evaluating webpages for AdSense advertisements, so publishers are advised not to use bots or any software for clicking ads as this is against T&Cs and could result in suspension of your account permanently.

For more information on this, refer to Google’s AdSense Quality Control Guidelines.

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