How To Write A Blog Post Fast

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Writing is hard. Really, really hard.

It’s easy to say “I’m going to write every day this week” but it’s so much harder when you actually have to sit down and do it.

You may be the world’s best writer but even you aren’t good enough to produce high-quality content fast without taking shortcuts.

Finding inspiration can sometimes be difficult but there are plenty of tools out there that will help you churn out blog posts faster than ever before .

How To Write A Blog Post Fast

Here are just some ideas that can help you reach your blogging goals even if you’re lazy as hell:

When was the last time you went to a blog and knew exactly what it was going to say? Most blogs are about random thoughts, but they don’t really have a direction.

It is the same thing over and over again.

I bet that you would rather hear from someone who has a plan for their blog, wouldn’t you?

When writing a blog post there are some general rules that need to be followed in order to give your readers something worthwhile.

First, think about your audience and write with them in mind.

Second, have an opinion on things, people want to hear an expert’s view on something. And finally, make sure that everything stays focused on one main topic only.

If you follow those three basic principles then you will already be ahead of most bloggers out there.

What Makes a Great Blog?

People can be drawn to great blogs for many different reasons.

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Some are drawn because they are helpful, others are drawn by the design or layout, but ultimately it all comes down to one thing… Content.

Keep in mind that everything you write about should be organized and focused on your main topic.

People will recognize scattered thoughts anywhere, so don’t put them off .

If you need help with organizing your thoughts then consider using post titles as headings to separate each section of your article.

Lastly, remember that once people get into reading your blog that they expect updates on a regular basis (at least 2-3 times per week). Staying active is just as important as staying focused.

Staying Focused in Your Writing

I try to follow the following tips when writing content for my blog:

1) Create an outline of what I want to write about (either before or after I write it).


Highlight important points that make sense for your audience.

3) Use key words sparingly, but only if they are going to be more efficient than a sentence structure.

4) Make sure that everything is properly cited and linked if needed.

5) Include images and video where appropriate. If you do those five things then you should have more than enough information to create a great article that will keep your audience coming back for more .

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Write lists

Lists are great because they already come pre-packaged with subheadings!

There’s no need to stress over the outline of your article.

Just come up with a short intro and then add bullet points until you’ve filled out your list!

Collaborate Ask someone to help you write it – maybe even several someones if you’re struggling that much.

The worst they can do is say no and in most cases, if enough people are involved this will be edited beyond recognition anyway (just make sure to credit everyone when it’s published!)

Recycle your old work

There’s no shame in recycling older content. Why not just add a fresh coat of paint and release it as a new article?

No one will know it’s actually an old blog post unless you tell them.

Act like you’re already done and finish your article anyway

Every so often, pretend that you’ve already finished writing the blog post and then force yourself to complete it.

This way the only thing left to do is proofread so there’s really no excuse for not publishing on time.

Once you get in this habit, it’ll be easier than ever before to produce content fast!

So you’re writing a blog post for your website and want to know how to write a blog post fast?

Well, this article will be going over several things that have helped me with my blogging efforts.

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1. Jetpack is the best for WordPress users!

If you are using WordPress as your blogging platform of choice, then I would first recommend taking a look at the free plugin Jetpack .

From within WordPress itself, Jetpack has features such as high-speed image hosting, automatic social sharing buttons on posts , site stats tracking and more!

And it’s all completely free… No reason not to try it out at least.

2. Use Grammarly

Grammarly is an awesome tool for checking spelling and grammar within your writing.

It can be used directly in your browser or as a web app and makes life easy by checking for errors as you type.

The tool will provide suggestions such as spelling corrections, missing words and suggest better word choices to make your writing more concise and meaningful.

3. Write less, say more

This may not always be possible but if you really want to write a particular section of text fast, think about phrasing it differently so that there is less words but still gets the idea across.

Writing should generally be open and accessible; avoid heavy language or complicated wording because this sometimes comes off as pretentious or obfuscates meaning (I know I use this occasionally.)

4. Utilize Automatic Prompts & Tools

Some writing prompts are already available with the built in WordPress editor.

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If you’re blogging directly within WordPress, you can write your posts and then select a ‘Prompt’ from the drop-down menu to give yourself a topic for each post.

5. Write about what excites you

This is probably your most important tip! The best way to get into a flow when writing a blog post is to try and write about topics that genuinely interest you because this will keep things interesting for both yourself and the reader.

However, doing so doesn’t have to limit you from exploring other interests or topics as well, just make sure there’s some connection between everything else going on around you which fits within your passion.

6. Make bullet points to break up your post

This is a simple one but very effective.

I’ve always found that bullet points help to break up content and makes it easier for the eyes to follow along while also providing visual cues for readers.

Some people may not agree with this and prefer longer paragraphs, just do what works for you and if you’re interested in learning more about using numbers within web copy then check out The Guide to Numbered Lists on the Buffer blog .

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