How to Use the “GB Whatsapp” Android App

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what is gb whatsapp

What is GB Whatsapp? GB WhatsApp is an exclusive custom-made version of the popular official Whatsapp application. The most prominent feature offered by GB WhatsApp is the usage of multiple Whatsapp accounts on a single mobile device. This application also comes along with a Dark theme, various themes, a Hide chat function, a Shared folder feature, a Text and Photo album feature, various themes including the standard light, dark and orange colors and many more.

Apart from this the latest version of GB Whatsapp allows you to integrate your Twitter account and MySpace account. This way you can make a customized profile that will include all the relevant fields/icons related to those two social networking sites. This is how the new version of this amazing app increases your social media functionality.

What is GB Whatsapp and what does it have to offer? There are several different versions of the GB Whatsapp tweakable cell phone app; one is the regular one and the other is the Pro version which has a number of enhanced features. The regular one allows you to customize what is displayed on the user’s home screen. You can modify the icons, messages and photo thumbnails according to your tastes.

However in the latest version of this amazing tweakable app, there are additional features and sub-applications that are extremely useful for many users. For example, there is now a Cloned Version of this amazing application that can be easily downloaded from the Google Play Store. The Cloned Version of the application will also function as an official Google application. If you are planning to download the cloned version of the app, you can simply search for the word “Google Cloned Apps” on the Google Play Store to verify whether it is, in fact, an authentic Google application or not.

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The application is fully widgetized and ready to use; you can do almost everything that you would find in the regular version of this wonderful mobile program. With the Cloned Version of this amazing iPhone android hybrid program, you get to experience all the goodness that is offered by the regular version of the program, but with added widgets, including those of the Google+ Android interface. Moreover, since this is a cloned application, you also get access to the many features that are offered by the Google Android interface. The Google Cloned Apps application is also packed with many additional features, such as:

An amazing and super fast application that allows you to update your status and post comments on your blogs and websites, as well as send and receive emails. You can also participate in various forums over the internet, chat, or email other users from around the world. You will even be able to access an advanced contact manager and customize your address book. If you wish, you can even install a Google+ account, which will provide you with extra features, such as Google’s official account community feature and the ability to invite your friends to join your online social life.

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The application has been modified and enhanced to make it more functional and efficient. It has been designed and developed especially so that you do not have to install any other third-party apps in order to use the GB Messenger. This means that you will never have to install another application just to use the GB Messenger. If you like, you can use your own applications and tools that are compatible with the GB Messenger. Furthermore, with this amazing feature, you can also access your favorite social networking sites from within the application, such as the Facebook and Twitter, as well as many others.

The automatic-reply feature is an added convenience and helpful function for all users of this wonderful application. When you want to reply to one of your friend’s posts, just click on the send button, and this will automatically replace the subject with your customized message. If you would like to create a new group, just click on the add group button and you will be given a wide array of options, such as custom names and descriptions for the group. Last but not least, you can choose whether or not to show the newest messages in your display list. By using this neat function, you will always know when your friend sent you a new message. The options are very useful, and with this gb whatsapp iphone application, you can make your life much easier.

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