How to take post office franchise you can start just in 5k investment and earn lakh of rupees check process

If you are thinking of doing business with low investment (How to start my own business) then this news is for you.

Despite having 1.55 lakh post offices in the country, there are many areas where there is no post office franchise.

In view of this need, the postal department India Post provides an opportunity to open a post office franchise (How to open post office franchise?) and earn money.

If you also want to take this franchise, then you will have to make a security deposit of only Rs 5000.

Through the franchisee, you will get the facilities of booking stamps, stationery, speed post articles, money orders and these facilities will become the source of regular income of the franchisee with a fixed commission.

Who can take Franchisee

How to take post office franchise you can start just in 5k investment and earn lakh of rupees check process

Any individual Institutions, Organizations or other entities like corner shops, paan walas, grocers, stationery shops, small shopkeepers etc.can take a post office franchise.

Apart from this, newly started urban townships, special economic zones, newly started industrial centres, colleges, polytechnics, universities, professional colleges etc.

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can also take the work of franchise.

The form has to be submitted to take a franchise.

Selected people will have to sign MoU with the department.

To take the franchise, India Post has fixed the minimum qualification as 8th pass.

The age of the person should be at least 18 years.

How is the selection

The selection of the franchisee is done by the respective Divisional Head, based on the report of ASP/SDl within 14 days of receipt of the application.

It is important to know that the permission to open a franchise is not available in such Gram Panchayats, where Panchayat Sanchar Seva Kendras are present under the Panchayat Sanchar Seva Yojana Scheme.

Who can not take Franchisee

The family members of the post office employees cannot take a franchise in the same division where that employee is working.

Family members include the employee’s wife, real and step-children and such people who are dependent on or live with the postal employee, can take a franchise.

How much security deposit

The minimum security deposit for taking a post office franchise is Rs 5000.

This is based on the maximum possible level of financial transactions that the franchisee can do in a day.

Later this average increases on the basis of daily revenue.

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Security deposit is taken in the form of NSC.

These services and products will be available in the post office

Stamp and Stationery, Registered Articles, Speed ​​Post Articles, Booking of Money Orders.

However, a money order of less than Rs 100 will not be booked, will act as an agent for Postal Life Insurance (PLI), as well as provide after sales services such as collection of premiums, collection and payment of bills/tax/penalties Such as retail service, e-governance and citizen centric service, marketing of such products, for which the department has hired a corporate agency or has a tie-up.

Also services related to it, the service to be offered by the department in future.

How to earn

Fearn through the commission they get on the postal services provided by them.

This commission is fixed in the MOU.

Rs.3 on Booking of Registered Articles, Rs.5 on Booking of Speed ​​Post Articles, Rs.3.50 on Booking of Money Orders of Rs.100 to 200, Rs.5 on Money Orders above Rs.200, Rs.1000 per month on Registry and Speed ​​Post 20% additional commission on booking of excess articles, 5% of the sale amount on the sale of postage stamps, postal stationery and money order forms, 40% of the revenue earned by the postal department on retail services including sales of revenue stamps, central recruitment fee stamps, etc.

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