How to See What Someone Posts On Instagram

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You would think that someone would let others know how to see what someone comments on instagram, but the fact is that it is not always so cut and dried. When you want to know how to see what someone comments on, you need to know how to find out about it first. The social media site Instagram has a section where people can leave comments on pictures. However, these comments are not always the most supportive.

There are people who love to complain. They love to tell others how they wish their pictures were prettier or how they wish they had the money to hire a stylist. These types of people will often post a picture of themselves with a little caption to let their friends know how much they adore it when they look in the mirror. Others will simply write something generic like ” haircut.”

If you are someone who loves to read someone’s comments, then you should know how to find out who posted those comments. The first thing to do is open up the instagram account of the person you are wondering about. Once you have opened up the account, go inside of it and scroll down to the bottom where it says public and private. You will see a section where you can control what you want to post.

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Once you reach this part, search for someone by their name. This will pull up any posts that have been made about this person. You will then be able to see how many comments other people have left about this person.

Now we want to know how to see what someone comments on, but how do you do this if it was a public post? Once you have closed the account that you are viewing, go back to the public section and you will see that it has changed. Go through all of the comments and you will see which ones were liked and which ones were not. You can then decide whether or not you want to continue reading what someone has written. It will cost you ten cents per post, so make sure that you read the post and then decide if you want to continue reading.

If you find a comment that you think might be interesting, then simply search for that person. Remember, you only have to search for them once, so you may as well choose your search topic wisely. If you don’t find anything, then you can just delete the post and move onto the next one. There are numerous people on instagram who are into posting comments and you want to get noticed!

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will probably receive dozens, if not hundreds of replies from people asking you to post something about them. This can be quite overwhelming and you may not know how to proceed with it. You can open up a new message and just tell whoever it is that you would like them to reply. If they do not bother to reply, then you can choose not to reply to their request.

Overall, there is really no reason to worry about how to see what someone comments on instagram. It really is quite easy to figure out who is following you and who is not by looking at their profile picture. If you don’t have one of these images, then you can always take your own photograph and use that instead. The key is just to be more creative and really work to get the information that you need!

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