how to secure your instagram from phishing account

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Social media is a tool for many people to do something good.

During 2022, it was successful in bringing people together at a time when they were forced to stay away from each other.

Whether it is motivating people through live performances or COVID-19, the role of social media has been important in all this to inform about economic recovery efforts and vaccinations.

As our intimacy with the phone is increasing, in the same proportion increasing phishing attacks remains a matter of concern for us.

Phishing refers to such fraud, in which fraud is done through email.

Such emails seem to have come from a reputable company, by falling into the trap of which a person reveals his personal information, such as password or credit card number etc.

Such people have been cheated on Instagram, who clicked on the message found in their DM (Direct Message) and they were cheated.

how to secure your instagram from phishing account

Such messages were like official communication coming from Instagram and because of this people got the illusion of its genuineness and they lost control of their Instagram account.

Surely this experience is quite stressful.

In such a situation, it is very important to know that Instagram does not contact with any user through direct message.

All contacts from Instagram are via email, which can be verified by going to the app (Settings > Security > Email from Instagram).

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We are telling you better and safe ways, by which Instagram can be secured.

Two Factor Authentication

You should keep two-factor authentication activated to protect the account.

This gives double protection to your account.

It also provides security to your account in case someone knows about your password.

This way only you can access your account.

Two-factor authentication can be done through a code sent by SMS or from third-party applications.

Choose a Strong Password

Keep in mind that the password must be composed of at least six letters, numbers and special symbols.

Third Party Apps

You must revoke or revoke access granted to a third party application.

They may expose your login information.

Password Sharing

You should never share your password with people whom you do not trust.

>> Instagram does not communicate directly with any user.

All communication from Instagram is via email, which can be verified by going to the app (Settings>Security>Instagram Emails).


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