How To Qualify Blogger for Adsense To Easy Approval

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Don’t Know How To Get Adsense Approval in Blogger Blog.

Adsense Is Most Blogger’s Primary Way To Earn Money By Blog.

But , When We Apply For Adsense Approval Most People Not Get It.

How To Qualify Blogger for Adsense

That’s Why Some Blogger Leave Blogging Because They Depend On Only Adsense.

We Can Earn Money From A Blog By Many Methods But In Beginning Most Blogger Want Fast Results And Earn Money That’s Why They Choose Adsense.

In This Post I Will Show You Every Important Factor to Get Adsense Approval In Blogger Blog.

I Cover Almost Everything About How You Can Get Adsense Approval in Blogspot Blog And What’s Requirements for getting it.

Getting Approval On Custom Domain a little easier Compared to Getting Adsense Approval On Blogspot Subdomain Blog.

1. Use Responsive Premium Theme

You have to use Responsive Theme on Blogger Blog For getting fast Adsense Approval.

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2. Customise Blogger Template

Customise Your Blogger Theme And Add Some Useful Links on Blogger Header Drop Down Menu.

Your Blog Should Not contain dead links.

3. Make Useful Pages And Link On Your Blog

Adsense Approval Required some Pages About Us , Privacy policy , Disclaimer , And Contact Us Pages.

Create This All Pages And Link To Your Blog Footer Or Header Menu.

4. Copyright Area

In Blog Footer Section Copyright Must Be Your Own Blog.

Example : Copyright©techyweb

5. Write Quality Content

Now , it’s time to write Content in blog.

Some Tips To Writing Content on Blogger Blog

1. Write Your Own Unique Content Don’t Use Copy Paste Methods.

2. Use High Quality Copying Free Images in blog Post.

3. Don’t Publish Content That Violence Adsense Policy Like Hacking , Cracking , Illegal Information Or Other on Your Blog.

6. Index Your Blog & Post

Now , After Creating Post You have To submit Your Blog on Various Search Engine.

Submit Your Blog On Google And Yahoo Search Engine Also Don’t Forget To Submit Your Blog Sitemap.

7. Get Some Organic Traffic

Getting Organic Traffic is Some Difficult For New Blog .
You have To Optimise Your Blog & Post For Organic Traffic.
Don’t Apply For Adsense Approval if You have Not organic traffic because You can’t make money by using it because Adsense Will Surely Do Adsense Ad Limit On Your Blog.

8. Apply For Adsense Approval

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You Start Getting Some Traffic You Can Apply Blog For Adsense Approval.
If You Follow All steps That I mentioned here You can Get Adsense Approval Easily.

QnA Related To Adsense Approval in Blogger Blog

1. Can It Possible to get Adsense Approval in Blogspot Blog ?

Yes You can get Adsense Approval in Blogspot Blog.

2. How much Post Should Publish For Adsense Approval ?

Post Quantity Not matter For Adsense Approval your Content Should Unique Without Copying Other’s.

3. Can We Get Adsense Approval In Blogspot Blog before 6 month in India ?

Yes , Some Youtuber Say You That Getting Adsense Approval in Blogspot Blog in India you have to complete minimum 6 month this is not purely right.
I Also have Other Blog And Get Adsense Approval Before 6 months.

4. How long does Time It Takes For Adsense Approval ?

Some Time You Can Get Adsense Approval in one Day But , Some Time You have To wait 3 months.

5. How Much Post Should You Create For Adsense Approval

Create minimum 15-20 Post With 1000+ words long Or Create 25-30 Post with 1500+ more Words.

6. Should Blog And Post Indexed Before Applying to Adsense Approval

Your Blog Should definitely Indexed on search engines(Search Console).
Check Your Minimum 15+ Post Should be indexed before Applying for Adsense Approval.
Wrapping up :
I hope This post Will help you to get Adsense Approval in Blogger (Blogspot) Blog.
If You Have Any Problem or Suggestions feel Free To Ask in Comment Box.
If Your Comment Good I will Add on this post.
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