How to Mute On whatsapp – Block All Messages Instantly!

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What is Muting on Whatsapp? Muting a message on a messaging service like Whatsapp is very similar to what we do with our mobile phones-silence or ignore. However, when you use a web based messaging app like Whatsapp, the absence of sound does more than mute the message. It also silence the person who sent you the message.

What is Muting on Whatsapp? By default, Whatsapp has two modes: Group chat and Voice. In both of these modes, when you receive a message from an unknown user or a group chat, Whatsapp will silently send a simple push notification to your mobile phone without sound. However, when you mute someone, Whatsapp will mute all messages received in that particular chat session for the next outgoing messages.

How to Mute on Whatsapp If you want to send a message to someone but don’t want to hear the person’s response, you can mute them first. To do this, go to the bottom of the chat window and click ” Message-block” tab. There you will see a list of people you want to block. Click on the person you want to mute and choose ” mute” from the drop down menu.

How to Mute on Whatsapp – What is Muting as a status update? When you are chatting with a particular contact on whatsapp, your status update says “Muted”. You can check this by right clicking on your name in your contact’s details. Now you will see a grayed out icon towards the right of your name. You have to right click on it to return to the main menu.

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How to Mute on Whatsapp – Get Rid of Muted Status updates When your conversation on whatsapp ends, you won’t see any notification stating that you were muted. This is because the contact you were chatting with muted their status updates. They can easily change them though. Another reason why they can do that is because you weren’t actually chatting with them! That is why it is so hard to get rid of “Muted” status updates on most of the iPhones.

How to Mute on whatsapp – Dealing With Deactivating Your Contacts On most iPhones, you can deactivate the new messages but on some devices, you will only be able to delete them if you restart the device or clear all contacts. The same thing applies to how to mute on whatsapp. You won’t be able to delete them after you deactivate them. Instead, you will just see a blank spot on the top right of your device. To make it easier for you, it will automatically come up with a “rypted message”. You will then have to hit the return key twice so as to unlock your message.


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How to Mute on whatsapp – Blocked Message on iOS devices How to mute on whatsapp and block those annoying messages without even knowing by looking at the message itself. If you are looking to remove a blocked message, you can do this by tapping the message and tapping “block now”. This will prevent the person or company from trying to send you any further messages. At the same time, you won’t be notified of any new messages that they have sent to your phone since the first message is blocked. This way, you can enjoy your current situation while blocking all those annoying and bothersome texts, calls, and random strangers.

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