How to Make Money Writing Erotica Online – Building Passive Income

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If you are a passionate lover of erotica, you might have been wondering how to make money writing erotica. The good news is that there are actually several ways to earn from this niche. The more adventurous among you may decide to explore the online world and venture into making money through advertising. Here’s how it works:

how to make money writing erotica

First, you must create a free account with Amazon – the company that owns many popular electronic stores. This will give you access to a kindle store, which contains books that can be downloaded from kindle. The kindle store is similar to the Amazon main page, with all the same features except that it is integrated with an ebooks completely free reading platform. You can find your books there, and people who download your books can do the same. Every time someone downloads one of your books, the price you pay to Amazon will become part of your commission.

This is a great way to make extra money online for someone looking for a second income. As you probably know, most traditional publishers are gun-shy about allowing ebooks by private entrepreneurs who don’t have their own publishing house. It costs too much in overhead and possible losses to publish ebooks without their stamp of approval. This is one reason why traditional publishing still rules the book industry; there is too much at stake for the major publishing houses to risk giving away all their hard earned money to a new upstart who may produce a flimsy book and not turn a profit. With an Amazon account, you have the opportunity to bypass this bureaucratic snare and publish your erotica on your own website and earn a full time income from marketing your books.

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Another way to make money online with writing erotica is through the publishing of short stories. These stories, called “erotica” by professional writers, can be downloaded from many different websites for a nominal fee. When a visitor to your site purchases a book of short stories, you make money from your share of the sale. If you can write short stories quickly, you can make a living by selling these stories to amazon, or other online publishing sites.

In order to publish erotica online, you need to have a website or blog that is interesting and informative. The website will also serve as your “stores” for any future products that you may want to sell. In other words, your how to make money writing erotica online plan should consist of a step by step plan to publish one or more short stories, with pictures and biographical information at the end of each chapter. You can use the money you make from sales of your first erotic story to continue to work on more books with this same income generating strategy.


erotic fiction works best when it is either published in an electronic format like Kindle Unlimited or downloaded from Amazon’s free Kindle Library. While the Kindle Library is limited to eBooks only, you can earn additional income through affiliate programs that pay per click on links to specific websites. How to make money writing erotica online with this method depends on whether your book is a mainstream romance or if it is a more specialized kindle Unlimited release. mainstream romance stories are much less likely to be offered as eBooks, but some self-publishing authors do sell mainstream romance eBooks through their self-publishing houses.

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In your how to make money writing romance eBooks, you might explore topics like historical romance, fantasy romance, Christian romance, urban fantasy, or a combination of any of these genres. As you get more familiar with this type of writing, you can experiment with writing in new areas. In time, your knowledge about the business side of the publishing industry will grow and you will gain insight into how to make money writing erotica online through various niches.

Whether you are writing romance novels or self-publishing through Kindle Unlimited, eBooks, or print-on-demand eBooks, make sure you have a solid marketing plan. Marketing your erotica eBook is not the same as marketing a printed book. Marketing an erotica book can be done in a number of ways, but most people choose to use ClickBank, MySpace, Twitter, and Facebook to promote their eBooks. If you can tap into one of these powerful media sources, you will gain quick exposure and then be able to build a steady passive income that continues to pay dividends month after month.

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