How To Make Money While Traveling In An RV

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If you are one of the many people who love the freedom of being able to travel around the globe, you should consider learning how to make money while traveling in an rv. There is actually quite a bit of money to be made by traveling this way. You will be able to explore new areas, meet new friends, and enjoy trips that otherwise you may not be able to afford.

how to make money while traveling in an rv

You may be wondering what are the best ways to earn money while travel in an RV. There really are a lot of ways to do it! The reality is you do not need to be a superstar rich person to continue travel around the globe. In fact, Living in an RV or camper can be a very cost effective way to live for less and still save money. Traveling and earning extra money is a passion for some, but for others it has become a full time job.

RV Camping – RV campgrounds are abundant around the United States. If you love the camper style of life and you want to experience the freedom of being able to travel and work around campgrounds, this is the career for you. You will find campgrounds within walking distance and many of them even have their own restaurants and other entertainment centers as well. You could work at night fixing up campgrounds so that they are ready to go the following morning.

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Workamping at an RV Park – If you enjoy working in campsites and you like being outside and doing things with nature, then you may want to consider becoming a workamp instructor at an RV park. Workamps offer hands-on training that includes riding, working, planting, feeding and more. In most cases, workamping at an RV park will involve helping new campers set up their recreational vehicle on the grounds. You will also help maintain and repair RVs throughout the day. This can include cleaning out the equipment or cooking up a meal.

Thrift Stores – If you love collecting things and finding great deals, then you can make a nice profit by selling your unused items at thrift stores and garage sales. For most people who travel with their vehicles, a garage sale or an outdoor yard sale can be a great source of extra income. Just be careful to watch out for the local laws as some states have restrictions about selling things from your car.


At Home Jobs – If you like to write or draw or anything else, you can always work at home doing something that helps other people. There are many different ways you can earn extra money while traveling. One way is to become a freelance writer or painter. Another way is to become a domestic cleaning contractor.

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Telecommute – With modern technology, most jobs can be done from home. For example, many Rvers today have their own dedicated home office and they make money from home via the Internet, using a telecommute job. Telecommuting is the way of the future for many Rvers and is well worth looking into if you are interested in making more money while traveling. The Internet has eliminated much of the hassle associated with commuting by means of regular bus or train fares. By setting up a remote office you can have your own working environment and make money without having to get up early in the morning and drive to work yourself.

Campgrounds and RVs are a great way to make money while traveling. With many campgrounds being open all year around there is always a good amount of work available. You will need to start by looking through the local campground listings to see what is available. Then check out the prices at the various RV campgrounds so you know just how much money you can make.

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