How to Make Money on Spotify – Discover the Hidden Gems

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Are you wondering how to make money on spotify? If you are, then you have come to the right place. Spotify is a new social media site that allows you to sell and promote your own or another person’s music or videos. You can use the audio and video streams to generate revenues from ad clicks and merchandise sales. You might also consider the option to get royalties from the streams, which will depend on your level of popularity in the network.

how to make money on spotify

Many people have expressed interest in learning how to make money on spotify. It’s fairly easy if you have the right strategy. The first step is to focus on your keywords and find niches related to your target audience. Once you have found your audiences, you can start looking for music that fits the profile of your chosen niche.

An important consideration when making money with spotify is whether to charge for subscriptions or to offer them for free. Most people opt to charge for their streams because they believe that they will earn more through subscriptions. The truth is that most digital music news sources charge subscription fees.

Aside from subscriptions, it’s also important to earn royalties. Royalty free licenses allow you to collect money from streams that you have promoted. These licenses allow you to collect money even without selling any digital music distributor rights. You can also have multiple streams so you can make money on spotify without any expenses incurred. As long as you have the master rights to the songs, you can upload the music for free or charge for your efforts.

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Some artists who have been using spotify to market their music have been surprised to see an unexpected amount of sales from their streams. With this in mind, you must be aware that there are a lot of other people who are only using it as a platform to sell merchandises. These artists are only earning modest amounts from their streams. If you want to know how to make money on spotify, you should also set aside some time to learn how to sell merchandises on the site. Mastering this aspect will allow you to generate bigger and better streams.

Aside from selling merchandises, some artist use their websites to offer exposure for their own songs. There are various web platforms which you can use to promote your songs. Spotify has an application called Webalizer which you can utilize to let the world know about your digital music distributor website. This application works by allowing users to “like” your page and add you as a friend in return for promotions on their streams. This is a great marketing strategy because it allows you to connect directly with your fans.


you have a dedicated fan base, you should consider offering music for free on your site. Most artists make money through revenue share which means that they get an unlimited amount of plays per song, regardless of the number of audiences that are enjoying it. This is a more appealing method of making money on spotify compared to the usual revenue sharing arrangements because you don’t have to worry about giving up royalties to labels and publishers.

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You have to be aware that you are not owed any performance royalties on plays made through Mechanical Royalties. Performance royalties are owed per play, but you need to look at how Mechanical Royalties works. All royalty payments are based upon total plays throughout the entire year. In this case, you will receive an unlimited number of plays throughout the whole year and will never be owed performance royalties again.

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