how to make free fire clash squad thumbnails

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Do you know how to make free fire clash squad thumbnails? If you do not know then read this article till the end.

Today we will learn how to make Free Fire Clash Squad thumbnail.

We will only use free and easy-to-use applications to create thumbnails.

Garena Free Fire is one of the fast growing battle royale game application.

Garena Free Fire has over 1 billion downloads on the Google Play Store, and is one of the highest rated gaming applications in the Google Play Store.

With the help of this great game, people started making their career as YouTubers.

Many YouTubers or Free Fire content creators make their own gameplay videos and upload them to their youtube channel.

However, creating excellent gameplay is not enough to grow your youtube channel.

Thumbnails are the most important thing a YouTuber should keep in mind.

When viewers find something unique and attractive they will click on your video.

That is, your thumbnail plays an important role in promoting your channel.

Your gameplay is another part of growing your YouTube channel, but thumbnails are the primary thing.

If you do not know how to make attractive and unique thumbnails, then this article is for you because today, you will learn about the step-by-step process of creating a unique and beautiful Free Fire thumbnail.

Essential Apps for Creating Free Fire Clash Squad Thumbnails

There are only two essential apps for creating Free Fire Clash Squad thumbnails.

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What is PixelLab?

Pixel Lab

You can easily create text for your Clash Squad thumbnails using the PixelLab app
PixelLab is one of the most recommended and trusted applications for creating creative text and fonts.

This application allows you to add 3D text, shapes, stickers and fonts to make your photo more creative.

PixelLab has a simple interface which helps you to do your work without any problem.

With this cool application you can create a logo, edit your photo, create a font and do many more creative things.

This great application is famous for its typography feature.

You can add typography to your photos with PixelLab.

In addition, you can easily change the font size, position, and color.

In addition, you can use the PixelLab application to create creative and attractive thumbnails.

First, you have to create stunning text using this application, and then you have to add any background image to turn that text into a beautiful thumbnail.

is Picsart?

photo art

Picsart is a famous photo editing app
Picsart is one of the most trusted and recommended photo and video editing applications.

This application is one of the most useful application for YouTubers and content creators.

Using Picsart application, you can easily edit your photos and videos like a professional.

The Picsart application is compatible with both Android and iOS devices.

Picsart offers various options such as HDR adjustment, tilt and shift of photos and videos, curve adjustment, manual white balance, and much more.

Plus, the application is ad-free, which means you can do your work without any distractions.

Also, this application is free to use, but if you want to unlock some extra features, you can buy their premium plan.

Many free fire players use this app as free fire photo editor, and you can also make free fire gaming logo for youtube using this app.

The Picsart application has over 500 million downloads.

Also, this application is rated as Editor’s Choice in the Google Play Store.

How to Create Free Fire Clash Squad Thumbnails? (Step)

how to make free fire clash squad thumbnails

Steps to create free fire clash squad thumbnail
So let’s now see how we can create free fire clash squad thumbnails using PixelLab and Picsart application.
how to make free fire clash squad 1 vs 1 like a pro
  1. Open the PixelLab application on your device.
  2. You will then see the home screen with a rectangular shaped green screen.
  3. You’ll see “New text option” in the center of the green screen.

    Here you can type whatever you want.

  4. On the new text section, type the names of you and your opponent’s team.
  5. After that, you will see the option “A” at the bottom left of the screen.
  6. Click on that “A” option, where you can see multiple options.
  7. Then you have to scroll down, and you will find a choice of fonts.
  8. Click on that font option to apply a font to the particular text that you type.

    Choose a font that will be best for your thumbnail.

  9. Then you need to add color or gradient.
  10. To apply the gradient, click that “A” button, scroll down and click on the texture.
  11. After clicking on the texture, you will see the option of gallery.

    Click on it.

  12. After that, your gallery will open, and choose any picture you want to add as a gradient.
  13. Then, scroll down where you can see the Stroke option, click on it.
  14. then give your text a stroke, put at least 19 to 20% don’t give more than 20%
  15. Then give your text an inner glow.
  16. Keep the offset at 3 to 4, no more than 4.
  17. Follow the same steps for the next lesson, which is to name an opponent’s team.
  18. Now keep the background transparent by clicking on the transparent option.
  19. After that click on save button.
  20. You will get the option to choose the quality while saving the text.

    You have to choose high quality.

  21. After you’ve created the perfect text for your thumbnail, open the PicsArt application.
  22. Scroll down, then click White Shit.
  23. After that, click on the “Crop” button.
  24. Click Custom Crop Ratio.
  25. Keep width 1280 and height 720.
  26. Then slide up the screen and click on Add Photo.
  27. Then select clash squad match picture from pixellab app and a saved picture which is already there on your device.
  28. Then adjust all the pictures according to your style.
  29. Then add filters and textures according to your style, whatever you want to edit.
  30. After editing all the photos click on Save.

You can easily create Free Fire Clash Squad thumbnails using these steps.

Follow all the steps mentioned above as every step is necessary.

If you miss a single step, you’ll have trouble creating your thumbnail.

Also, the proportions and numbers of sizes mentioned are accurate.

frequently Asked question –

What are the best apps for creating thumbnails for Free Fire?

There are many apps available for creating thumbnails for Free Fire, but PicsArt and PixelLab Gaming are the best apps for creating thumbnails.

Plus, anyone can use these apps to create thumbnails without any professional editing skills.

How to Download Free Fire Thumbnail Maker?

There is no specific Free Fire thumbnail maker app to create Free Fire thumbnails.

That’s why we use PixelLab and the PicsArt app to create gaming thumbnails.

conclusion –

As in this article, we saw how to make a Free Fire clash squad thumbnail.

Also, we had discussed two applications PixelLab and Picsart.

Free Fire Clash Squad is both the most useful and free-to-use application for creating thumbnails.

Then we discussed the steps to create an amazing thumbnail.

Creating Free Fire Clash Squad Thumbnails Using These Apps Will Increase Your Video Views And Subscribers.

Plus, you can create thumbnails of any type of Free Fire game using these apps.

If you have any query or doubt regarding this article, please feel free to comment below.

We will try to answer your doubts as soon as possible.

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