How To Make A Blog For Kids

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Is there a child in your life that is under the age of ten?

If you answered yes, then this article is a must read.

I introduce to you my children’s blog teaching you how to make a blog for kids.

How To Make A Blog For Kids

In this article, we will be focusing on four specific areas: the basics of blogging, choosing the perfect log name and URL, writing posts, and adding pictures.

The Basics of Blogging

What is blogging anyway?

Well first off, blogging stands for web logging which means that people can keep online journals or diaries on their own websites.

People who visit the site can leave comments about what they think of your thoughts on certain topics.

It takes blogging to whole new level where others can now connect and communicate with you and each other on a whole new social site that is purely just for blogging.

Types of Blogs: Personal, Family, Kids, and Company

There are many different types of blogs out there.

You can create a blog for your company, family, friends or children.

If you want to keep it personalized only for yourself than the sky is the limit of what you can do with it.

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You can design your own template and customize your blog so no one else will have one like yours anywhere online!

There are some great platforms out there such as Tumblr , WordPress, Blogger (owned by Google), and even Facebook pages!

Choosing the Perfect Blog Title and URL

If you are creating a blog for children than I recommend that their names are part of the blog name.

A great example of this is my daughters’ own blog they created called ” The Princesses’ Tales .”

You can use your child’s name, nickname, or even make up something cute like mine did.

Another thing to keep in mind with your kid’s blogs is their age.

It may be hard for them to remember something intricate like an email address or difficult password so how about letting them sign-up using their simple personalized kid’s email? For example, at the moment they have or .

However, if you are creating a blog for your company than I recommend making up an email address that is specific to this particular company so no one else will be confused on who the email belongs too.

style="text-align: left">How to Format Your Blog Posts

The best way to teach children how to write their first blog post is simple: talk it out with them!

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At young age my daughter didn’t know exactly what she wanted her posts to say but she knew that she wanted people to leave comments and tell her what they think about different topics just like I do at my own personal blog.

She also knows now that when someone leaves a comment that she should reply back to the comment and continue the conversation by asking questions or adding on to what they said.

It is important for children to reply back because it keeps the flow of conversation going and it allows them to feel included in a virtual world where they can make new friends from around the world!

Adding Pictures

Pictures are a great way for kids to express themselves or show people things that interest them.

It is important for parents, teachers, bloggers etc. to allow pictures of their everyday life.

When I am writing a post about my daughter having fun at her dance class than I usually add one picture next to my blog post so others can see how much fun she is having.

At young age, children are learning how to take pictures or videos with their smartphones everyday so this would be a great way to get them involved in the social media world!

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