How to level up in Free Fire to reach level 100 in 1 day?

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Garena Free Fire is the trending game in 2021 with 500 million+ downloads.

Every player wants to be a pro in Garena Free Fire but without a high level, you are not a complete pro.

So here is the complete article on how to level up and increase in Free Fire.

After reading this article you will surely know everything about how to level up Free Fire and reach the highest level, so without wasting any time let’s get started.

How to level up in Free Fire Reach

free fire boost free fire level, fire fire high level level, how to increase level in free fire? So how to level up in Free Fire? Can we max out our free fire level in 1 day? So the answer is yes.

You can raise 1 level in 1 day but you have to play 1 day in a row.

Can you play Free Fire all day? I hope your answer is no.

So you can level up and maximize your level in Free Fire by playing for 2-3 hours or more every day, adjusting your timing.

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Your level will increase rapidly if your account is new or if your free fire level is below 30 but after level 30 your free fire level increases very slowly.

If you play continuously for 1 year, you can easily reach level 70+.

So here are some powerful tips and tricks to increase your level in Free Fire.

collect exp card

Use EXP cards to increase Free Fire level XP plays a major role in increasing the level of free fire.

If you use 50% EXP card and play Free Fire your Free Fire level increases with 2X speed.

You can log in to the Guild daily to receive a free EXP card.

You can also get 50% EXP cards from Diamond Royale and Free Fire events.

Play ranked game only

If you want to boost your Free Fire level then you have to play the only ranked game.

If you play a ranked game, you’ll get more EXP than all the other modes available in-game.

If you have 2X EXP cards your level will increase with 2X speed.


squad mode is also available in rank mode but you will get very less exp in clash squad so just play rake game to level up faster and faster.

play safe no rush

If you really want to boost your Free Fire level, you have to play safe in ranked games.

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Most of the players like to play aggressively in rank mode but if you want to get high EXP you have to play safe and secure.

You can choose a safe place to land and stay alive for at least 10 minutes and when there are only 10 players alive in the match you can run over them.

This is the best way to get High EXP in Free Fire.

If you win the boyah in the game you will get a lot of EXP and your level will increase faster.

The 2x Exp card plays a major role as it multiplies all the EXP by 2 that we get after winning the match.

EXP helps to increase our level.

play regularly

If you want to reach the maximum level in Free Fire, play regularly for at least 2 or 3 hours as you adjust your time.

Players who have been playing Free Fire regularly for 2 years have reached Max level.

So, these are all great tricks to level up and increase your level in Free Fire.

free fire level up reward list

Free Fire Level Up Rewards Not Fixed Each player gets different rewards.

Level Up Rewards are general rewards that are not special or unique.

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FAQ – How to level up in Free Fire

Which is the highest level of Free Fire?

Level 100 is the highest level you can reach in Free Fire by playing ranked games consecutively for 2 years or more.

Only a few players have reached level 100 because in Free Fire it becomes difficult to level up after reaching level 50.

Exp cards help you reach level 100 in Free Fire.

What are Free Fire Level Up Rewards and their list?

Free Fire Level Up Rewards List is not issued by Free Fire.

Each player receives a different level of reward.

Most players get gold coins as level up rewards.

Most players have doubts whether I can get diamonds in level up rewards, so the answer is no.

You can’t get diamonds in level up rewards.

How to reach the highest level 100 in Free Fire?

You can’t get to level 100 right away.

To reach the maximum level in Free Fire, you have to play Free Fire for at least 2 years.

So try playing rank game using 2X EXP cards and earn EXP to reach level 100 faster.

How to level up in Free Fire?

If your account is new and you are below level 20 in Free Fire, you can level up faster because it is very easy to level up in new accounts.

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If you are a new player you will find so many bot enemies, and it is very easy to win matches in bot lobby.

But after reaching level 20 you face real pro enemies, so you need to play safely once you reach level 20.

Thanks for reading our article on how to level up in Free Fire.

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