5+ Ways To Index Backlinks Fast & Quickly

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Today, I want to show you how to index backlinks fast.

Until now there were many articles about SEO, but they are different in details and most of them don’t say what is the main point. The main idea is that all backlink pages should be indexed fully, so was written this article.

You can use it on any website without changing some files or spending some money for plugin or anything else.

5+ Ways To Index Backlinks Fast & Quickly

This method will work with any script for sure! And if some site indexes links slowly – you can try another smaller one where links are indexed much faster.

If you need your links indexed quickly, then read this article till the end. You will get a lot of useful information here! So let’s start!

What is Crawling and Crawler

Before we start, I want to tell you what web crawlers are. Crawler is a program that visits pages and downloads them in certain time period.

If there are too many links on one page then they will be indexed very slowly because crawler has only a few time slots per second where he can do anything.

That’s why I recommend to improve crawling speed by splitting big link groups into smaller ones – like 10 subpages with 50 links each, not one page with 500 links in total.

I hope you already know that all keywords(or rather – anchor texts) should be divided into many groups and each group should have it’s own backlink page.

So if the site has 10 000 pages, then this number is decreased to 100, which makes crawling fast and indexing quick!

style="border-style: solid;border-width: 0px;cursor: text;margin: 1.33333em 0px">You have to know that Google has a lot of crawlers and not all of them index links.

So if you want your site indexed quickly, it’s very important to make crawling fast.

When your site is crawled, you want to find out if it’s indexed or not.

Open Google and enter this query: site:yourdomain.com (don’t forget to change yourdomain with yours)

If it finds something like “No pages were found on this web server” – then the page isn’t indexed yet.

If there are some results, then it means that it IS indexed now.

Please note that you need to put your domain before this phrase because otherwise Google will give you results for another domains!

Why Backliks Not index

Backlinks are a crucial part of your SEO campaign. They provide the necessary external links that you need to rank for your targeted keywords.

However, there can be instances when backlinks seem to have disappeared from Google’s indexing results.

When this happens…

1.) Is it gone? Or do I just not see it yet?

2.) Does a penalty exist on one of the linking pages?

3.) Is there a problem with my site’s server or site configuration?

4.) Have I reached the link threshold Google has set to penalize spamming sites?

5.) Is it time for me to start building more backlinks again?

6.) What am I going to do now to recover my rankings?

You can’t always guarantee that all backlinks you have worked so hard for will stay up forever.

It’s sad but true, Google is constantly changing its ranking algorithms.

This means that old backlinks will decrease and new backlinks will be increasingly important for your site’s rankings. It’s almost like a second chance to strengthen your presence on the web.

Firstly, it is imperative to realize that you cannot force Google to index your backlink as quickly as possible. You can however create an effective SEO link building campaign that can help your backlinks stay up longer.

Why I should index my back links?

Indexing the back links of your websites is very crucial thing. It makes Google crawlers able to visit your sites and it further improves quality score of your sites.

So, why not make it easier by following below steps which will surely help you.

If you don’t have a verified website with powerful index, then it’s very difficult for Google to crawl your site.

It is because of the fact that there are innumerable spam sites available on the web. However, you must have good quality backlinks and your website should perform well as per latest SEO trends in 2022.

When talking about the importance of indexes, then there is one more thing that I would like to mention here.

Why Social Signals are Important For Indexing?

Social signals these days have become very important for everyone especially in SEO.

Following the latest SEO trends in 2022, all the search engines consider tweets and Facebook posts about a particular website very seriously.

That’s why it is recommended that every website must try their best to get good traffic from social platforms so that it can improve its rank in SERPs.

It means if people interested knowing more about your products or services follow you on social media platforms, then it will help a lot in indexing your site.

How To Index Backlinks Fast & Free

Many webmasters think that their website will be indexed by Google as long as they have a Ping-O-Matic or Pingomatic button supplied by Ping-O-Matic.com available on their site.

They choose to ignore the importance of backlinks and just wait for Google to index them.

Unfortunately, this is not how it works in reality and waiting for your website to be listed on the first page can take a long time, especially if you have a brand new site with almost no incoming links from other websites.

The good news is that there are some tricks you can use to speed up the process of indexing your website by Google so you don’t have to wait months for your blog or business’ website to show up when someone conducts a search.

Some of the sites that you can use to improve your site’s backlink profile are Web 2.0 sites, Ping-O-Matic, Google my business, social media websites and free article directories. All these methods are highly effective when it comes to indexing your new website in no time by Google.

Use URLs Ping services

The first step is to create a Pingomatic button with Pingomatic if you don’t have one already on your website.

Pingomatic will help Ping all of the major Ping services for free so the more known Ping services that your Pingomatic button gets added to, the higher ranking you’ll get with Google.

This is because all of these services are considered external links helps improve your overall link popularity and trustworthiness. Pingomatic is a free service and it only takes a few minutes of your time to add the Pingomatic button on your blog or website.

Web 2.0 Sites

Another method you can use is to create an account with Web 2.0 properties such as WordPress, Tumblr, Blogger, Weebly and so on where you’ll be able to add text links, images and videos from other websites for free on these platforms.

Your backlinks will be visible in search results because they are external links that come from websites that Google likes.

You can also create a Web 2.0 site on these platforms rather than just adding some backlinks there if you want but it’s up to you which SEO strategy you think will better help improve your rankings with Google.

Google My Business

The other way to get your website indexed fast is through Google business by signing up with Google my business where you’ll be able to add an about me page that will include rich snippets which will help improve your site’s search engine value because it has more content than just a plain homepage listing.

Keep in mind that all these sites are trusted sources of information and their data is likely to be used in SERPs (search engine result pages).

Social Media Sites

Another highly effective strategy for indexing your new blog or business’ website fast is to create social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest where you can publish posts about your latest posts and increase your social media following.

These accounts will be considered external links and they will help you improve your backlink profile and overall trustworthiness with Google.

Articles Directory

The final strategy is to create a free article directory account where you can submit articles about the topics that you write about on your website or blog and add a Ping-O-Matic Ping button on it so Ping services such as Pingomatic will Ping all of the Ping-O-Matic backlinks for fast indexing by Google.

This step isn’t mandatory if you don’t want to, but it’s recommended if you want to get indexed quickly.

Google Sites ( 100% Working For Indexing)

As Google has recently started to update their algorithms for improving search results, Google Sites have come back into the spotlight after a long time.

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Google Sites is now one of the top Google indexed websites and Google highly recommends using Google sites as it’s easy and fast to build and update content.

This means that Google will give extra attention to Google sites than the other type of websites such as wordpress/blogs or microsites etc.

If you want your site index faster in Google, we recommend you to use Google sites.

One downside we had with this is that some keywords are not applicable on google sites so make sure you check all relevant keywords before moving forward!

Google sites now ranks #1 for many keywords. Try Google Sites and see if it’s a good fit for your site!

We also found out that Google Indexation is very fast with Google Sites but the index age is not as high as other indexed websites such as Google Webmaster tools etc which means you will need to wait a bit to rank higher!

After waiting, we were able to rank on Google first page within one week after the index time 🙂

Here are some quick tips to speed up your indexing times:

– 301 redirect each link from your source site to your destination site.

It’s important that Google sees the new URL without any cloaking issues or 404 errors, so this might take more time but it’s worth it in the long run because 301 redirects provide more valuable signals to Google spiders.

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– Submit sitemaps with all pages linked from directories – Google likes complete data sets – submitted sitemaps with directory listings in them will speed up Google’s crawl rate.

– Google prefers a text link or a snippet in a resource box to an image link, so use one of those methods when possible.

– Google likes unique content, so try to have different information on each page you’re submitting from directories and don’t just copy/paste the same thing over and over again.

This tip also aids in Google’s preference for complete data sets seen earlier in this article.

– Do not submit your site from the home page only! Google does not recognize where directory submissions come from, so submit your website from all pages on your domain when possible! Google will index backlinks faster if you do this:)

– Google does not like cloaking. Google owns a search engine called Google webSearch, and Google’s webSearch has a feature where they crawl websites for information and provide pages with that information highlighted at the top of the page as a result.

Google is now using this technology to determine whether or not your website was crawled or if Google thought you were trying to manipulate their system with cloaking & sneaky redirects – Google doesn’t appreciate this type of stuff, so don’t do it!

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– Google likes secure servers more than non-secure ones. Sites hosted on https://www.mydomainname.com/ will probably index faster than http://www.mydomainname.com/, so if you have SSL certificates available look into hosting your site on an SSL-secured server.

Google has said that Google can crawl https://www.mydomainname.com/ just fine, so there should be no issues with Google crawling your website if you’re using SSL certificates – however HTTPs gives Google more information about the security of your domain name & your site in general, so this might increase traffic to your site or improve Google rankings, but get Google indexed first before making any major changes!

– Fill out all the links on a page when possible. Google prefers complete data sets for indexing, so Google will spider one page over another if they have different number of links on them even if the content is exactly the same in each source code file.

– Be patient; Google has to crawl Google sites as well as Google webSearch so Google might take a little bit of time to index backlinks.

– Use 301 redirects and place them carefully. Google likes fresh content and could possibly drop your rankings if you use too many 301 redirects or don’t place them correctly.

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Google does not like sneaky redirects that force Google spiders to visit one page before visiting another, because Google does not recognize where directory submissions come from – make sure you let Google know exactly which pages are linked from directories!

– Do not submit your sitemap more than once every 24 hours! If this happens Google will get really confused about what’s going on with your link profile & the amount of links on each page of your site!

Google will recognize duplicate sitemap submissions & Google will only crawl your pages once, so make sure you submit your sitemap every day but not more than once per 24 hours.

Bottom Line :

The more ways your website or blog gets indexed by Google the better because it will increase its rankings and it’ll soon start to generate organic traffic from all of these services such as Ping-O-Matic, Weebly, Web 2.0, Google my business and social media websites which is exactly what you want for your website.

Good luck with indexing your new website with these quick & easy strategies.

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