how to get grenade skin in free fire

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Garena Free Fire is the trending game in 2021 with 500 million+ downloads.

Every player wants to be a pro in Garena Free Fire, but without grenades, skin you are not a complete pro.

So here is the complete article on how to get grenade skins in free fire.

After reading this article you will definitely know everything about grenade skins.

So without wasting any time let’s get started.

How to get grenade skin in free fire?

There are tons of tricks to get grenade skins in Free Fire.

You can also use VPN tricks to get Unique Grenade Walls, here are some of the most powerful and useful tricks to get grenade skins in Free Fire.

Shop Grenade Skin Box

You can buy a crate of grenade skins from the shop.

But every new Grenade Skin Crate is only available in the shop for a limited time, so stay tuned.

You can use a VPN trick to find out which events and skins are coming in Free Fire.

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Get Free Grenade Skins from Elite Pass

You can get free grenade skins from the Free Fire Elite Pass.

You can also get a free Elite Pass from here.

You can also buy Elite Pass pre order to get more exciting rewards.

Grenade Skins Redeem Code

Free Fire Custom Rooms offers free redeem codes to winners.

Redeem codes are the best way to get free guns skin, grenade skin and some diamonds.

top up events

Free Fire has tons of top-up events every month.

Most of them have 100 Diamond top-up reward in the form of Grande Skins.

So you can top-up during the event period to get free beautiful grenade skin.

Free Fire All Grenade Skins Name

Name of all free fire grenade skins

  • furious rum grenade
  • Juicy Gamer Grenade
  • high-end controller grenade
  • Masculine Cologne Grenade
  • the scent of a female grenade
  • winterland grenade
  • state bomb grenade
  • steam grenade
  • red sparkler grenade
  • feather bomb grenade
  • egg grenade
  • angry shark grenade
  • explosive brick grenade
  • ice bomb grenade
  • birthday gift grenade
  • swagger grenade

So these are the most popular and famous grenade skins in Free Fire.

There are more 10+ skins but they are not famous.

This grenade list is only for Free Fire India servers.

id="h-faq-how-to-get-grenade-skin-in-free-fire">FAQ – How to get Grenade Skins in Free Fire

How to get free grenade skin in Free Fire?

There are a lot of events every month with the Free Grenade Skin that comes in Free-Fire.

So you can stay connected with the game to know more about these types of events.

You can also use the Free Fire VPN trick to find out which are the upcoming skins in Free Fire.

Thanks for reading our article on Free Fire Grenade Skins.

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