How To Get Flash Pet In Free Fire Max For Free

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Garena free fire max has introduced a new top up event in the game.

Through this event, players can obtain Flash pet (New pet in free fire max) for free by topping up their free fire account with 100 diamonds. 

This newly launched flash pet is beautiful in looks.

In addition, the flash pet has a very powerful skill, which can help players to survive longer on the battlefield.

How To Get Flash Pet In Free Fire Max For Free

Flash Top Up

Flash Top Up
In every season, Garena presents new top up events in free fire max, and this time Garena has launched a new pet in the top up event named “Flash top Up.” The duration of this latest top-up event is from 15/02/2022 to 03/03/2022, so players can partake in this event anytime between the event period to acquire the flash pet and other in-game supplies.

There are many pets in free fire max, such as detective panda, kitty, Shiba, Spirit Fox, Poring, Agent Hop, Flaco, Rockie, Yeti, and many more others.

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But this newly launched Flash pet has excellent skills, which are very beneficial to every player.

In addition, the flash pet comes with a “Steel Shell” skill.

Get Flash Pet In Free Fire Max For Free

Get Flash Pet In Free Fire Max For Free
Follow the given steps to get Flash pet:

  • Open free fire max game.
  • Log in to your free fire max account.
  • Visit the event page.
  • Select the “Flash Top Up” event.
  • Here you can click on “Top Up” to add 100 diamonds to your account, and after that, you can acquire the flash pet for free.

    In addition, you can top up extra 400 diamonds to obtain skins and emotes of flash pet.

Additional Reward of Flash Top Up Event

Additional Reward of Flash Top Up Event
Flash pet is the primary reward and the main attraction of this new top up event.

However, the other prizes are Cyber Flash, Festive Flash, and Show Off Emote.

Cyber Flash and Festive Flash are both the skins of flash pet, and Show Off is the legendary emote of this new pet Flash.


Flash converts the flash pet into an old vintage look.

On the other side, Festive Flash skin transforms the flash pet into a party look and creates 3D glowing lights around the flash pet when equipped.

Most players are using the Festive Flash because it is beautiful.

Skill of Flash Pet

Skill of Flash Pet
Flash Pet has a helpful skill known as Steel Shell skill, and the tag line of this pet is “I got my name from a famous race.” When players use this pet in battle matches, it protects them from enemies’ bullets.

This pet also reduces the damage taken from behind by 10% from FF Knife.

The cooldown time of this pet is 150 seconds, which means after every 150 seconds, players can activate and use the skill of flash pet.

What do you think about this new and latest Flash pet of free fire max? Let us know in the comments.

Stay tuned with us for more free fire max news.

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