How To Get Backlink From Microsoft In 2022

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Do you want backlinks from Microsoft for free ?. Getting backlinks From Microsoft is not a big deal.

if you are doing blogging you will know that creating backlinks are much harder compared to create content. That’s why we need to know the ways to create backlinks.

But , Reality is it can’t help us anymore. we can’t able to create a single high quality backlink.

Get Microsoft backlinks

Recently, I found a way that everyone can apply and create almost unlimited Dofollow Backlinks from Microsoft.

Why Should Get Backlinks from Microsoft ?

There are many reasons to get Backlinks by Microsoft. Some Reasons are given Below :
DA : 99 [Domain Authority, High ]
PA : 73 [Page Authority, High]
SS : 1% [Spam Score, Low]
Age : 30 year 62+ day
Alexa Rank : 21
How To Get Backlink From Microsoft In 2022

To create Backlinks You have to follow Two Steps Carefully that are below 👇

Create A Microsoft Account

Before you go to create Backlinks from Microsoft you have to create account on it. Below are step by step guide how to create account on Microsoft.
  1. Go To MicroSoft Answer Community.
  2. Click the account icon in right top corner.
    Click the account icon

  3. Click To Create One.Click To Create One

  4. Enter your email address.
    Enter your email address

  5. Set the Password.
    Set the Password

  6. Enter your name.
    Enter your name

  7. Fill your country and birthday details.
    Fill your country and birthday details

  8. After Filling it, you will get a code on your email check the mail.
    After Filling it, you will get a code on your email check the mail

  9. Enter the code and hit Next..
    Enter the code and hit Next

  10. Solve the Captcha.
    Solve the Captcha

  11. Create a Display Name, Accept the policy , and finish .
    Create a Display Name

  12. Your Micro-Soft Account Now Created.

Get Backlinks From Microsoft

After creating account you have to edit your profile and add the Links for those you want to create Backlink.
  1. Click To My Profile.
    Click To My Profile

  2. Edit Profile.
    Edit Profile

  3. Type The Link Anchor Text And URL Address.
    Type The Link Anchor Text And URL AddressType The Anchor Text And URL
  4. After All Complete, Save it.

How To Create More Back-links Using Microsoft Answer Community

you have to earn more token’s to get more links. There are many ways to earn links by Microsoft answer forum.

Trick To Get Unlimited DoFollow Backlinks from Microsoft

Yes, you read Right we can create unlimited Dofollow Backlinks by Microsoft by apply a 100% working trick.
For these trick you need Unlimited Mail address so, you can use one by one when create Microsoft account.
So, you will think that how to get unlimited Email Addresses, Right.
For it, you need to use temporary email Addresses. There are many temporary email service providers available on Internet you can use for free.
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