How to find Ideas for Blog Post

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Are You Want To Know Ways To Generate Blog Content ideas.

Are You Don’t Know About how to reaserch or find content ideas for Blog.

Then This Post Surely Help You Very Much.
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If You Working On Micro Niche Blog than 50 or less post is Good For It.
But ,
If You have A Niche Blog That Cover many Micro Niche than You Should Write 200+ post’s for getting better result.

Researching Blog post Content little Different For Everyone.
Sometimes You don’t need to Find Or Research Content But What If You Don’t Have And Post Ideas
I Know That Most Blogger’s Write Some Post’s And After it They Are Unable To Find And Write More Posts.
This Is Why I Write Post.

I Mostly Get Ideas By Reading Other Blog’s ,Community And The Problems That I Face When I Am New in Blogging.

You Can’t Depend On A Single Source For Reaserching Blog Post Ideas You have To Active On Many Platforms.

The More Platform You Use The More Users You Get.
Let’s Come Up With Main Topic.
Use Below Method’s To Find And Research Content ideas for Your Blog 👇

Find Blog Content Ideas Using Blog Topic Generator

Blog Topic Generator One Of The Easy Way To Find Content ideas.
You can Use Blog Topic Generator For Generating Contents For Blog.
You just have To Go This Topic Generators Then Type Your Niche Or Micro Niche And Find Topics.
After Some Time You See Many Content ideas That You Can Use On Your Blog.

Watch Your Popular Posts And Get Ideas

You can Use Your Own Blog Post’s For Reaserching Blog Content.
So, How You Do That ?
See Your Popular Post’s And Get Some Related Ideas To Write Post.
You can Also see Your Most Comment Getting Post And Get Some Ideas By Comments.
What Is Your Readers Problem and What They Want.
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Use Some internal linking on your popular post’s It Increase To help Rank Your Other Post’s And Increase Traffic.

Create List Post

People Search Best And Popular Things On Google.

So , You Should Write Post About Best Blog’s , Best Tools , Best Techniques Etc..

Imagine Why People Read List Post Because They Don’t Have To Search And Go One By One Post.

If You Provide 5+ Best Free Keyword Generator and A Other Blogger Write Post 9+ Best Free Keyword Generator It’s Highly Chances that people click on those article not your Article.

Why it happened ?
In A Single Line Because Everyone Want To Free And Extra.
You Provided 5 But Someone Providing Extra Than You So , Why People Come To You.

Expend Existing Contents

If You See Some Content That Should Expand.

You can Write Your New Post On This Topic With Updated and deeply Information.

People Don’t Like To Short Content.

Day By Day Blogging Competition Increasing.

If You Really Want To get Results You have To Work Seriously.

Imagine That If You Are A Reader Will You Go On Those Website Or Blog That Provide Thin Or Incompleted Content.

You have To Satisfy You Audience .

Convert FAQ To Post/Article

if You Know Very Much About Some FAQ(Frequently asked questions) You Can Write Posts Using Questions.

You can Write This Type Of Content But Before Going On This Type Contents Cover Everything Related To Your Niche.

Tell Your Story/Experience/Case Study

People Love To Read Experience Than Why Not You Write it.
You Should Write Your Story And Experience For Your Readers.
It Not Only Help To Get Traffic Also Increase Your Audience Engagement.
Share Your Success Story , Share Your Mistakes.
People Write Experience because They Don’t Want To Do Mistakes That People Makes.

Write Interviews

People Also Want To Read Interviews.
You Should Invite Other Blogger And Write Interview On Your Post.

Interview Post’s Help very for getting Traffic.

It engage You with Other Blogger’s And Also You Can Get High Quality Backlinks.

Every person want to be a famous Person And They Follow Those Person’s.
Let Suppose If A Person Want To Make Career On Blogging He/She Will Surely Follow Famous And Successful Blogger.
But , You Don’t Know That whom blogger people Follow.
So , You Have To Write Interviews On Those Blogger That Can Gives You Interview.
But , why people gives you interview ?
People Gives You Interview Because They Want To Promote Ourself And Increase Network.
And When You Will Do Interview You Have To Give Backlinks This Is Why Interview Help Both Side.

Use QnA Platforms

You Should Use QnA Platforms Like Quota , Google Question Hub Or Other To Get Some Ideas.

In 2022 Millions Of People Active On QnA Platforms This Is Why I Advise You To Join This Platforms.

Here You Can Easily Get Content Ideas And Your Audience Network Also Increase.

Find Ideas By Reading Blog’s In Your Niche

Read Some Blog’s Related To Your Niche Or Micro Niche And Try To Find What They Write , What Is Popular Post Of This Blog and What Readers Comment On Comment Section.

I Already Say in this post that I Mostly get post ideas By Reading Other Blog’s.

You Also Have To Do It On Your Routine.

Read Blog’s Not Matter Blog Popular Or Not You Just Have To Learn Something New.
Read And Observe What Other Blog Write,What Writing Strategy They Follow it help you very much.
When You Will Do It and You Will Success You Surely Thanks Me.

Use Reddit Keyword Reaserch Tool

Reddit Keyword Reaserch Toolis very useful tool to reaserch content ideas From Reddit.
You just have to Write Subreddit and then search it.
After some time this tool provide you some keywords with monthly search volume.

Using this Keywords You Can Write Your Blog Post.
Use Google Autosuggest Method
If You Use Google You Notice That Google Automatically Suggest You Some Queries.
We Call it Google Autosuggest Technique.
You Can Use This Google Technique For Finding Topic For Your Blog Post.
Just Go To Google And Write Anything but Not Search.
You Will Get Some Queries That Google Suggest You.
Use This For Creating Your Next Blog Post.
Find Content ideas When Searching Anything
When You Search Anything On Google You Will See Some Related Searches Bottom Of SERP.
You Can Also use It For Generating Content ideas.
When Using It You Don’t have To optimise Your Post Ideas Just Use This Keywords On Blog Post And Start Getting Traffic.
Use Keyword Everywhere Chrome Extensions
Keyword Everywhere One Of The Best free Keyword Research Tool.
How You Can Use Keyword Everywhere For Generating Blog Post Content.
Before Finding Content Ideas For Blog Post You Have To Install It’s Chrome Extension On Your Browser.
After It When You Search Anything On Google It Will Show You Related Keywords, People Also Search For And Some Long Tail Keywords.
This Is Why Professional Blogger’s Use This For Blogging.
In Free Keyword Everywhere You Only See Keywords For Getting CPC,Search Volume,Competition You Have To Purchase it.

Use Google Keyword Planner

You can Use Google Keyword Planner To find Content ideas for Your Blog Post.
Go To Google Keyword Planner and Type URLs Of Your Niche Related Blog.
After Some Time Google Keyword Planner show You Useful Keywords With Search Volume , Competition , Bid and More.
You can Write Your Next Post Using This Keywords.

Watch YouTube Videos Related To Your Niche

Watch YouTube Videos That Are Related To Your Niche And Find Some Ideas For Writing Your Next Blog Post.
Find YouTube channels Related To Your Niche And Go To Playlist Here You can Get Many Blog Content ideas.

Follow Blog’s , Blogger’s, Forum in Your Industry

Not All Industry Or Niche Always Professional.
Some Are Not Good But Can Improve.
You have To Follow And Give Some Time To Get Results.
Engage Audience And Create Content Around Them.

Use Social Media Platforms To Get Blog Post Ideas


Join page and groups where you can achieve your audience and engage them.
You can find many blog Topic using this technique.


You can use Pinterest For Blog Content Reaserch Also You Can can increase Traffic And Quality Backlinks Using Pinterest.


Use Reddit For Finding Topic And Making Authority.
I Will Suggest You To Post Link On Reddit Only When You Have 100+ Karma.

Analyze Competitor’s

Wrapping up
SO , In This Post You Know Some Best Way To Find Content ideas for Your Blog.
You Can Also Suggest Or Comment For Helping Others.
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