How To Earn From Blog Without Adsense

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Earn from blog without AdSense is what we see most often in the forum and blogs.

As bloggers, we always want to monetize our blog and get money but you should know that do it yourself is difficult and not everyone can earn from blogging .

Certainly if they think getting an income online through this way wanting to quickly earn a lot of money that does not exist!

There are only people who believe that blogging simply the best way to increase their business, because there is no risk involved with any financial investment.

For those who want to follow this path, whether by providing high-quality content or traffic boost, make sure your blog has at least visitors per day , with which you be able to monetize (earn) with different means.

How To Earn From Blog Without Adsense

The most successful are those who create their own blog, mini-blog or portal to provide an additional income , without the need for investment in buying domains and hosting servers.

For those of you who do not know, Adsense is a service that provides ads to be displayed on your site.

Google than gives the most revenue by serving ads that are related to the content on your blog or web . Unfortunately though, most people feel frustrated even with little income earned from their efforts .

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It happened because most bloggers do not really understand how important is to make traffic (traffic) and target the right audience (audience).

Remember also that without earning money blogging not is wrong but good management has enabled it earn money online more quickly .

There are some things you can do to earn from blog :

  1. Create high quality content (content)
  2. Optimize your website for search engines
  3. Help other people by sharing what you know (contribute)
  4. Boost your site traffic without stress (traffic)
  5. Make a certain type of income from each blog or web you have created .

If these 5 tips are done properly , it is not impossible to earn money from the blog even though there is no advertising as Adsense.

Just remember that if you want to be considered as a serious blogger community, then share the knowledge and experience that has been dug with everyone , because those efforts will increase your success in blogging .

Being an affiliate marketer and earning from blog is two different things.

Earning from the blog without AdSense is one of them. There may be other such ways such as joining paid blogging or get paid to promote product, review product and so on.

Do Off page SEO & Social bookmarking:

Off page seo and social bookmarking are two major way to earn from blog without AdSense .

It takes time to show results but once you get it then you will realize that its worth spending your valuable time in off site activities that brings traffic and money for your blog or website.

Sponsored post is another great way to earn from blog without AdSense .

Sponsored post is not always about posting on someones website or providing content free or getting nothing in return.

There are times when you will get paid for such kind of posts which is usually known as sponsored post sales .

You set the price and write the post as per the guidelines provided by those guys who want to purchase.

This can bring huge traffic because readers today love to read about such topics that is sponsored post.

Its always better to create such post as it will help you in long term.

Getting paid for writing blog posts and reviews is another way to earn from blog without AdSense . Paid blogging includes paid reviews, product write up etc.

Websites like payperpost and nicheblogs provide such opportunities for bloggers and website owners to earn money by working as a freelancer or consultant of those websites.

Click bank:

Being an affiliate marketer and promoting clickbank products can bring good traffic and money if we know what we are doing correctly.

Its not always about promoting random products because one needs to be really careful while choosing the product they want to promote.

Choose such kind of product that is frequently purchased, has good commission and about which you can easily write a review.

Domain name sales:

If you have domain name then you should check if its available for sale otherwise register it before someone else does .

You can sell that domain to others or end up using that money for your blog. Its one of the easiest way to earn without AdSense but requires domain name knowledge.

Also make sure not to get scammed while selling domain.

E book Sales:

Selling eBooks is the another great way to earn from blog without AdSense .

E books are always loved by readers because they get useful information in easy format and don’t need any efforts like reading a long post on a topic.

This may help in attracting traffic towards your website as well as money.

Affiliate marketing:

When it comes to affiliate marketing, you have more option than just click bank.

There are so many options including amazon, shareasale, CJ etc which allows you to promote products of your choice and earn commission for every sale made by you or your referral.

Its one of best way to earn from blog without AdSense but requires technique and little efforts.

Writing paid reviews is another great way to earn from blog without AdSense .

Websites like payperpost provides such opportunities where they require honest unbiased reviews on products that they are selling in the market.

Review writing can prove very helpful if we do it correctly and honestly. Websites like productopia provides such opportunities where review writers can rate and review products they use and earn money out of it.

These reviews must be honest and unbiased otherwise this may harm our own website or blog as well as site or company we promote through our blog or website.

Earning from blog without AdSense are pretty good source of traffic generation, monetization, brand building opportunity but requires skills, time, efforts and some investment.

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Thanks for reading. Please share your thoughts in comments section below .

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