How to Dunk in 2k22: A Guide

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Catching up with some friends over the weekend, I was challenged to an old-fashioned basketball game by one of them.
Despite being an avid basketball player and practicing daily at my local gym, I had to decline due to my inability to dunk in 2k22—something that had always been a sore spot for me as I was growing up.

Dunk in 2k22
I’ve decided to put together this guide in order to help you, or anyone else who finds themselves in the same situation, on how to dunk in 2k22 once and for all! Now let’s get started!


If you want to dunk a basketball, first you’ll need to practice.
There are a few different steps that may help your vertical leap, depending on your current skill level and experience.
Try practicing these different methods one at a time if you have more than one available.
The best method for you will be contingent on several variables such as height, age, body type and coordination.

Read up on the rules

Every sport has its own set of rules, and it’s important to understand how they differ from game to game.
Reading up on these rules will help you learn what sorts of things are allowed and disallowed during gameplay.
For instance, 2K Sports tells players that dunking is not permitted in NBA2K12—but that doesn’t mean you can’t do it anyway.

Strengthen your legs

If you want to be able to dunk, you’re going to need legs that can push you through that vertical leap.
You’ll also need strong quads and glutes.
If your leg muscles aren’t strong enough, it will be difficult for you to jump high enough and control your body so that you can guide yourself into a proper dunking motion.

Improve your vertical jump

With a huge emphasis on skill development over athleticism, it’s hard for modern basketball players to improve their vertical jump.
However, if you’re looking for a way to finish strong at those rim-rattling jams you throw down, then keep reading—this guide will help you get dunking like Shaq himself.

Shoot a lot of basketballs

If you’re hoping to get up and throw down at some point, you need practice.
Shooting is an essential part of basketball—you should be able to comfortably make baskets from 15 feet out and beyond if you want any hope of dunking.
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more you shoot, regardless of whether or not it’s with a ball, the better your chances are of developing that confident jump that comes with being an expert dunker.
Go grab a box and start shooting.

Play basketball, a lot

One of my best friends, Pete, put it bluntly when I was a freshman.
David, he said, if you want to dunk someday, you need to play basketball a lot—at least two hours every day.
Needless to say, I did exactly that and it paid off.
By my senior year of high school, I was able to dunk on a regulation 10-foot basket with ease.

Keep doing other sports even after you learn to dunk

Once you’ve learned how to dunk, it’s time to make sure that you aren’t limiting yourself.
If you only play basketball, try doing other activities like swimming and football.
The more different sports that you do, the better athlete you will be overall and will improve your skills dramatically.
Don’t just focus on one sport as it can become boring quickly.
Variety is what keeps things fun!

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