How to convert a normal blog to SEO Blog in blogspot?

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Are You Know About SEO Technics That Really Work Than You Should Start Your Own SEO Blog But If You Don’t Have Budget For Buying Hosting Don’t Worry About It i am here.

convert a normal blog to SEO Blog in blogspot
convert normal blog to SEO Blog

In This Post i will show you how can we start our own SEO Blog in Blogspot Platform but Before we start our SEO Blog Let’s Know About Something.

When A Person Start Own Blog Don’t Want To Spend Any Money And After some time they surely buy hosting as well as domain.

I am Also Blogging On Blogspot Blog Using Custom Domain Purchasing From Hostinger.

If You Want To Start own SEO Blog in Blogspot First Checkout Below Steps-

  1. Are You Know Something About SEO strategy that work.
  2. Don’t Copy Others content and publish to our blog it provide bad experience to your viewers.
  3. You Have To Know About Search Engines Regularly Updates.
  4. Can You Really Explain Other people by blogging if not don’t do it.
  5. Can You Regularly Publish You Articles To Your Blog Think Than Start Blog Because it depend how much audience you can make.
  6. Provide High Value Content That After Read Your Readers Surely Satisfy.

In Today , SEO Companies has also very high competition only high Quality Engaging content can rank not copy paste content. Readhow to write seo friendly blog posts.

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First Learn Than Blog And Than Earn.

How to convert Normal Blog to SEO Blog (Blogspot)

If You Sure That You Start Your Own SEO Blog it’s Good Than Follow Given Some Steps After following That You Can Make Own A professional SEO Blog.

1. Choose Niche Brand Name

First You Have To Choose Your Brand Name That Looks Like a SEO Blog so select name that match SEO Terms.
Examples: Backlinko , Search Engine Journal etc.

2. Choose Custom Domain Name

Are You Thinking You can create SEO Blog Without Buying Domain Name you are wrong because search engine always priority domain than subdomain.
so, Buy Domain And Don’t Forget To Buy Only .com Extension domain because it’s reliable , search engine friendly and get easily Users Trust.

3. Select A Premium Responsive Blogger Theme

Now Select A professional looking Premium Themes you can buy or can download any other sources like youtube etc and upload to your blog.

4. Customize Blog

After you Use Premium Themes to your Blog it’s Time To Customize it. Make it it professional looking and users can easily understand.

5. Find Content For SEO Blog

Find Your Audiences Problems And try To solve it.You can Use Quora or other question answer platform and join to Your SEO related groups and make mind map to writing Article.

6. Do Keyword Research

Always Try To Research Keywords before you write articles it helps to target your keywords , competitors , and audience.

7. Write SEO Optimized Blog Posts

You Are a SEO Specialist Means You Know How To Write SEO Friendly Posts just write it and make sure it provide high quality value and length always maintain 1000+ words and Publish.

8. Submit To Search Engines

Submit Your Blog To all Search Engine Don’t Submit To only Google also submit Sitemap.

9. Submit To Directories, Forums , Social Networking Platform

After You Submit You Blog To Search Engines it’s time To Submit Blog To Directories , Forums , and social Networks .
Make Own Social Network and community and engage.

10. Start Email Marketing And Get Traffic

peoples gives you email only if they trust you so first make trust and start collecting emails and promote our services or upcoming articles.

11. Bonus Tips

Now Try Our Bonus Tips Given Below –
  • Always Available for your audience and reply on comments or questions.You can Use auto res-ponders.
  • Don’t Post Much in A Day. Give Some time and then post your next post.
  • Find Your SEO related Blogs and Make baklinks but don’t make spam.
  • Try to Engage Other Bloggers So They Will Also Help You.
  • Do Competitors Research And Make List Of Your Competitors and Target keywords and Backlinks.
In This Post I Explained How Can We Convert A normal Blogspot Blog To SEO Blog.
All Steps And Strategy i shared in this post i have try it than post here by my own experience.
If You Don’t Know About SEO Don’t Try To Create a SEO Blog But If You Really Want To Start a SEO Blog First learn about SEO than start it.
For Learning SEO You can Use Internet and after you expert create it .
Conclusion :
I hope You will Really Like And Enjoy This Post. I Suggest You To Share This Post With Your Relatives,Friends who want to create a Free SEO Blog This Post Surely Help.
If You Have Any Doubt or suggestions please comment below comment Box.
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