How To Connect With Other Bloggers

Blogging is an easy way to make money online for those who are serious.

It does take hard work, dedication and great time management skills to earn a decent income from blogging.

There are many people out there that have succeeded at making this into a full-time income either by improving the traffic coming to their blog or monetizing it with things like Google Adsense or Amazon Affiliates.

But what happens when you don’t succeed?

What happens if you can’t bring in enough traffic?

Is it really even possible?

Well, the answer is yes!

It’s certainly possible but not everyone succeeds right away.

You have to find ways to connect with other bloggers so that they will go back and visit your blog too.

This could be a very powerful way to get traffic and it’s definitely something that should be considered.

How To Connect With Other Bloggers

One of the things you can do is link up with other bloggers in your niche and see if they’ll link back to you.

This will increase the number of visitors you bring in and it will only cost you a little time and effort.

You may not even have to put much work into this either, depending on how much work these other sites are willing to do for you in exchange for a link back to them from your site.

In some cases, all they want is a reciprocal link from your blog which isn’t much at all!

This is when social media comes into play too because when you’re able to connect with people on Twitter or Facebook, you’ll have much better luck with getting them to visit your site.

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Another great way of connecting with other bloggers is by commenting on their sites.

This will get you noticed and it won’t take all that much effort or time either.

You can leave a nice, insightful comment on the blog post they’ve put together and then make sure to follow up on it by sending them an email letting them know you left the comment.

From there, it’s up to them if they want to get in touch with you or not but at least this puts you on their radar.

Getting others interested in your site is important, especially when looking for easy link building!

See how simple starting out can be?

It may seem like nothing more than laziness to you but it’s important not to ignore these simple things.

When looking for ways to connect with others, try searching on Google.

There are tons of forums out there that have been created just so people can get together and learn from one another.

This is a great way to talk about your blog and other bloggers will see it too!

This means more traffic for them and a potential link back from their site which only helps to improve the quality of your blog further.

You could even find some fellow bloggers in your niche that share links between one another as long as they’re nice, relevant links that could bring you both traffic as well as providing useful information for those who come across them.

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Being able to connect with others is all part of the process of getting traffic to your site and improving the money-making potential that it has.

Now you know how to get more traffic and bring in profitable blog visitors!

You can use what you’ve learned here today and get started on the right track, making some great money from this interesting source.

The sky is the limit when it comes to blogging so don’t sell yourself short by not connecting with others.

After all, we’re all looking for ways to improve our chances of becoming successful and part of that is networking with others who have similar interests or goals as yours.

This helps everyone out in the long run because links are important but they’re only effective if you look at them from a long term perspective instead of just doing whatever brings in the easiest results. Work hard but work smart too!

You’ve just started your blog and now you need to connect with other bloggers.

But where do you begin? How do you meet other bloggers and engage in meaningful conversation?

Here’s a list of 9 great, free resources:

1 . Pinterest

Create a board that is relevant to your blog’s genre. You can do this by browsing other bloggers’ profiles or by searching for hashtags related to what you blog about.

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Pay attention to who follows you and follow those users back, thanking them when necessary.

This builds relationships with others and helps you discover new boards and potential readers.

2 . Twitter Hashtags

Follow hashtags like #blogger and #bloggerslife , especially those that are associated with the genre of content you write about (eg storyteller for writers).

Engaging in these conversations will help give your brand a voice and will open up opportunities for you to meet other bloggers.

3 . LinkedIn Groups

Join groups related to your blog’s topic and introduce yourself in the “Introduce Yourself” section of the group.

Introduce others as well by recommending that they join or encouraging them to share their profile with others.

When introducing others, mention something unique about them so that your introduction doesn’t sound like a resume.

This also helps participants get to know each other better as people rather than as profiles on a website.

4 . Reddit

Find subreddits (forums) based on your blog’s genre and participate in conversations without promoting your site too much – Reddit users hate spam, after all!

Participating shows followers and builds goodwill among other redditors.

5 . Quora

Find questions in your topic area and answer them thoughtfully with links back to your blog.

If you don’t have any more information on the subject, suggest someone who might.

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Don’t promote anything either unless it’s completely relevant or if asked for an opinion, then keep it short and sweet.

6 . Instagram

Readers can discover new blogs by following users they like on this photo sharing app.

Interact with other bloggers’ posts by leaving comments that are insightful rather than just saying something like “Great pic!”

Use hashtags related to your niche so that other users will be able to find you easily when looking at pictures related to what you blog about.

7 . Facebook Pages & Groups

Join groups related to your blog’s topic, introduce yourself in the description section of the group and post relevant content.

When posting to Facebook Pages, make sure that you’re using hashtags and tagging other pages in order for your posts to be more discoverable and find their way into more news feeds.

8 . Instagram Direct

This feature allows users to privately send photos and videos directly to one another.

Find fellow bloggers on Instagram and connect with them by sending images that are related to what they blog about or commenting on images they share with direct messages such as “Great pic!”

9 . YouTube

Create a channel based on your blog’s genre and upload videos that relate to what you blog about when applicable (eg vlog).

Subscribe to channels of other bloggers and leave comments on their videos. Commenting gets people talking!

Now go ahead and meet some internet friends! Start building relationships with the ten resources listed above and see where it takes you!

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