how to choose url for blogger blogger & Post

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Don’t Know How to choose url for blogger Blog Or Post Then You Will Not Get Good Organic Traffic From search engines.

Ranking Article/Post In Search Engines Very Difficult.
Search Engines Work On Hundreds of Algorithms to rank Site.
Also Google Daily Adding More Algorithm That’s Why Day By Day This Gone more complex.
URL Very Important Factor For Ranking.
If You Don’t Use URLs Properly Search Engines not gives you priority to rank.

What Is URLs

URL Stand For Uniform Resource Locator. URL human Readable text that represent of gives site or blog.
URL Consist A Path To locate User on Particular Source.

Why URL Matter For Blogging & SEO

URL Matter Both SEO And Blogging Success.
Most Blogger Don’t Know About SEO And hire Professional SEO Expert For Doing Blog SEO.
But , Not Every Blogger Can hire SEO experts that’s why it’s Necessary to know some SEO.

1. Backlinks

If Your URL Structure Both User And Search Engine Friendly You Get More Backlinks.
Imagine That Your Article About What Is SEO In Blogging And You Write URL Like Below 👇
That’s All Not Both SEO And User Friendly.

2. Ranking

If You Follow Search Engine Pages You Sure Know That Short URL Work Better Than Long URL.
99.9% SEO Expert Say You To Use Short URL In Your Article/Post.
It’s Increase Your Ranking.
Why , Because Search Engines Bots Can Easily Understand Short URL Compared To Long URL.

3. Increase User Experience

URL Helps User To Understand What Content available in this Url.
If You Satisfy Your Audience Search Engine Satisfy You.
Gives First Priority To Satisfy You Users.

How To Choose URL For Blogger Blog

Don’t forget that Your Blog URL Your Brand Think It’s Your Business.
If You Take It Serious You Get Good Results.
Tips To Choose Good Blog URL ideas
1. Use Short Name.
2. Your Blog URL Should Match Your Content That You Provide. if You Providing Many Content You Can Use Your Name Or Any Good Name For Your Blog URL.
3. Your Blog URL Should Simple And Easily Memorable. So , Users Can come Again On Your BLOG.
4. If Your Choose URL Not Available You Can Use hyphens In Blog URL.
5. Use Domain Name That You Can Make Another Blog By Using Sub-Domain.
6. Try To Consider Your Keywords In URL.
7. Your Blog URL Should Match With Blog Title.
Example of blog Address

How To Choose URL For Blog Post/Article

Search Engines Not Rank Blog Or Site They Rank Content.
Increase Traffic And Ranking Use SEO URL For Your Blog Post.
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Don’t Know That Which Post Will Get Traffic And Rank On Search Engine That’s Why We Have To Work On Every Single Article Professionaly.
Tips To Choose Good Post/Article URL
1. Keep It Short.
2. URL Are Case Sensitive Means Blogging.html
bLogging.html All Are Different.
3. Avoid Stop Words In Article URL.
4. Don’t Use Keyword Stuffing And Repeated Keywords in URL.
5. Make URL human Readable. It’s Help Search Engine To Trust Your Blog.
Wrapping up
Your Blog Are Your Business You Have To Work On It Seriously.
If You Not Serious it Don’t Waste Your Time In Blogging.
It Only Help You To Waste Your Time.
I Hope You Satisfy With This Post.
If You Have Any Suggestions Or Doubt

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