How to Change Region in Free Fire

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Want to change region in Free Fire, then this article is just for you.

There are many tricks to change regions in Free Fire, but in this article, I will share some valid and 100% working tricks to change regions in Free Fire, using which you can easily access your Free Fire account server/region.

Benefits of Changing Regions in Free Fire

Benefits of Changing Regions in Free Fire Changing regions in Free Fire can help you in many situations.

Most Free Fire players change their Free Fire account region to receive free diamonds and rewards.

Some of the benefits of changing the region in Free Fire are as follows-

  • get free diamonds
  • Get details of upcoming events
  • Get Free Fire Emotions and Characters for Free

How to Change Region in Free Fire

How to Change Region in Free Fire Here are safe ways to change regions in Free Fire:

  1. Open Free Fire game.
  2. Now click on Settings.
  3. Click on Log out option on Basic Settings.
  4. now click here And download Turbo VPN.
  5. Open Turbo VPN, and click on the “Tab to Connect”.
  6. Now select the region you want to join.
  7. After connecting to the area, clear all background apps.
  8. Now open Free Fire again, and create a new account to change your region.
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You can easily change your Free Fire account region using this method.

Additional Ways to Change Regions in Free Fire Now, most of the players do not want to use any VPN to change region in Free Fire.

For those players, here are a few different ways to convert regions to Free Fire without using a VPN.

Buy another region Free Fire account

You can buy Free Fire accounts in other regions.

To buy free fire account you can join any ff account buy and sell group on whatsapp.

You can also contact some FF YouTubers to purchase an account.

Change region using Advanced Server

If you are changing Free Fire region for better gaming experience or to fix lag and high ping issue, please do not change your Free Fire region as changing region will not help you in these cases.

Instead of changing region, you can download and use Free Fire Advanced Server Here, Advanced Server will serve your purpose.

Advanced server will help you to get free rewards and diamonds.

Names of all free fire zones

Names of all free fire zones

free fire india region
free brazil zone
free fire vietnam
Free Fire Nepal Region
free fire singapore area
Free Fire Japan Region
Free Fire Mexico Region
Free Fire Thailand Region
free fire hiroshima area
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FAQ – How to Change Region in Free Fire

How to Change Main Account Region in Free Fire?

Sorry to say, but there is no one feature available in Free Fire for the change area of ​​the main Free Fire account.

Free Fire may add an option to “change region” on its upcoming updates.

How many zones are there in Free Fire?

There are more than nine regions in Free Fire.

Among them Free Fire Vietnam and Free Fire India are the most popular regions.

What are the best areas in Free Fire?

Each region has its own special Free Fire server, and each server has different properties.

If you want free emotion then you can use Vietnam and Brazil region.

If you want to be the first to know about all upcoming events then in Free Fire you can join Free Fire India and Hiroshima area.

conclusion –

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