How to Change App Icons on Android

If you’re tired of the boring, stock app icons on your Android phone or tablet, or if you just want to give your device a fresh new look, changing the icons to ones you prefer isn’t difficult.
In fact, thanks to ADB—Android Debug Bridge—you can change your app icons in under five minutes without even needing root access.
Let’s walk through the process step by step!

Download the ADW Launcher & Install

The free, lightweight ADW Launcher is an excellent starting point for changing app icons on your Android device.
To start changing app icons with ADW Launcher, first download and install it from Google Play.
Then follow these steps

Launch the ADW Launcher

Unlike many other launchers, ADW lets you chanchangechanchangegechanchangechanchangegegege your app icons from within it.
To do so, first uninstall any app whose icon you’d like to change—this makes things easier later.
Next, go into your home screen settings and select Desktop Grid > Page Indicator Count > 4 or 5 (depending on how many apps you want on each page).
This way, every fifth page of your desktop will be blank.

Create a new theme in ADW Launcher

If you want to change your app icons, but don’t want to go through all of them one-by-one and can’t be bothered with rooting, there is a solution.
ADW Launcher allows you to change your app icons quickly, easily and for free! Check out our guide below.
It’s pretty simple actually…you just have to follow a few steps and you’ll have new app icons in no time!

Download your preferred icon pack from Google Play

Now that you’ve got your icon packs downloaded and ready, it’s time to change those icons.
If you want an easy way out of doing it manually, there are apps available that can do it for you with a couple taps, but if you want control over every single icon in your device, read on.

Add them to your theme in ADW Launcher

You can change app icons on your Android device through ADW Launcher, a third-party home screen app.
Using ADW is free, and it’s pretty easy.
All you have to do is: Add a theme in ADW that includes custom app icons.
Themes can be downloaded from within ADW or installed manually using APK files located online.
Follow these instructions to load them on your device.
Change app icons within one of your themes by opening a new home screen and tapping Menu > Edit Theme.

Now you have installed new icons for your phone

To change app icons you need in your phone: Make sure you have a backup of important data from your device, because it is necessary to perform a factory reset.
Then select Application Manager in system settings, find and select every application for which you want to replace icons.
In order for change app icons android we need to delete these apps and reinstall them by tapping on Install icon.
From now we can start installing new icon package with every application that requires it! Enjoy!! 🙂

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