How to Blog Anonymously and Make Money

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how to blog anonymously and make money

How to blog anonymously and make money? This is one question that many people would like to learn the answer to, especially since it’s a fairly common question among Internet users these days. Fortunately, there are in fact a whole bunch of ways for you to earn money by blogging anonymously. In fact, some of today’s most popular anonymous blogging sites are also some of the highest earning sites on the net.

So what exactly does “how to blog anonymously and make money” mean? Well, in a nutshell, it’s about using a web site URL (or domain name) that cannot be traced back to you. To learn how to blog anonymously and make money with a domain name, you first need to learn about how to buy and use domain names. You can do this by visiting GoDaddy or PayPal, which offer fairly simple tools for this. If you’d rather skip the hassles of working with such a service, you could also follow the instructions for PGP key signing. The bottom line is that you want to make sure that whoever owns the domain name doesn’t have a way to trace back your web site.

Once you’ve got your domain name and URL, you’ll need to learn how to blog anonymously and make money with identifying features. Basically, this involves hiding your IP address and, sometimes, even your real name. For instance, instead of writing your full name in every blog post, why not use a nickname? Using initials or nicknames, rather than your real name, helps to prevent unnecessary tracking from Internet service providers as well as those interested in reading your blogs.

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This is especially important if you write your own blogs, since many Internet service providers check to see if your site name is registered. In cases where they stumble upon a server using your domain name, your IP address, and other identifying features, your data could be seized. How to blog anonymously and make money with identifying features is very difficult if your site is registered at an unsecured server. In most cases, your IP address and other identifying features are temporarily disabled while you appeal the seizure of your domain name.

Another option how to blog anonymously and make money with a fake name is to register a new name that is very similar to your real identity. For instance, you may decide to go by the name Jane Smith, which is a female version of your real identity. While this might sound a little silly, think about how many different ways there are to use Jane Smith. People do not normally use their middle names, and when you use your real identity, no one can tell that it’s a fake name.


blog as a woman in particular, you’ll need to create a new blog with a completely different identity. Again, this might sound a little silly–but think about how many ways there are to use your real identity online. The Internet has become a powerful tool for social networking and sharing personal information. The same goes for blogging. Women can share information about their life, their education, their job, and much more–and all of this information is kept private unless people request it.

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One of the best ways how to blog anonymously and make money with a fake name is to establish links to popular anonymous blogs. These popular blogs have links to affiliate pages for products that have your affiliate information in them. When people click on these affiliate links, they have to provide an email address or some other form of contact in order to get the product.

Popular anonymous blog networks have become popular online. These networks allow even the most regular blogger to earn money through the use of their own personal blogs. The more popular a blogger is, the more money that can be generated.

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