how to add space in free fire name

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Do you know how to put a space in the name Free Fire? If you do not know then read this post till the end.

In this post, we explained how to make space in the name Garena Free Fire using a simple method.

Garena Free Fire application is one of the most famous battle royale games with over 1 billion downloads.

This game provides impressive features and things to its users to attract and enhance its users.

Free Fire had won several awards from the Google Play Store.

Whenever you download this application, you have to create an ID to play the game.

You can only create an ID using your Facebook or any other account.

After logging in, Free Fire gives you the option to enter your profile name.

Here you can write your name or any other name.

However, you cannot add space to your name while typing the name.

This is not an application glitch or error; You have to write the name without giving space.

But, many players want to add a space to their Free Fire name to make it more attractive.

If you also want to add space in the name of Free Fire, then read this post till the end.

Steps on how to place a name in Free Fire

Now let’s see how you can put a space in your Free Fire name.

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You cannot use the space button on your keyboard to enter your name in Free Fire.

That’s why we will use a website called “Compart”.

With the help of this website, we can make a name for ourselves quickly.

Follow the steps below to enter a space in your Free Fire name.

  1. Search the word ‘compart’ on the Chrome browser and click on the link that comes first.
  2. Then after clicking on it, a new interface will open in your Chrome browser.
  3. Now, scroll down a bit, you will see a box picture on your screen.
  4. Copy that box from there.
  5. After copying the box, open the Free Fire application on your device.
  6. Once the game is open, you will see your Free Fire name at the top of the game’s left side screen.
  7. Click on your name; After that, click on the Rename button.
  8. If you have a name change card, you can change your name from that too, else if you have diamonds you can change with diamonds.
  9. First of all type whatever name you want, like Lokesh.

    Then paste the picture of that copied box to add space, then you can use the other word as a gamer.

By following this step-by-step guide, you can quickly place in your character’s name.

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Also, using this, you can put a space on your Free Fire pet name.

If your account is old then you will have to pay 390 diamonds to change the name.

However, if you have a name changer card, you can use it to change your name for free.

Top 20 Names for Free Fire

free fire name
Below are the best names for Free Fire that you can use when adding a space to your Free Fire name.

free fire name free fire name with space
real king Lokesh Gamer
crazy gamer TWS Gamer
dark boss player
ff hero SK Sabiri
king ff DJ Alok
ff gamer ff king
MP40 King shotgun king
Factory King B2K
TSG Jasho rusher solo
TSG Sagittarius TSG Lokesh
FF Pro SK Boss
pro king legend boy
IND Gamer royal boy
IND Sabir and king

facts about free fire

facts about free fire names

  • You can only use 12 characters in a Free Fire name.

    Free Fire does not allow creating in-game names with more than 12 characters.

  • You can change your Free Fire name an unlimited number of times.
  • Free Fire also offers the option to change the names of pets.

    You can access this option by going to the Pets section of the game.

  • You can make your name more stylish by adding different symbols and designs.
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FAQ – Free Fire Names

How many places can we put in the name of Free Fire?

You can have up to three spaces in a Free Fire name.

Which is the best way to find unique Free Fire names?

Nickfinder.Com is the best website to search for new and latest Free Fire names.

You can also make your stylish name using this website.

Who is the most popular Free Fire player to have a place in the name?

Lokesh Gamer is the name of the player who has a place in the Free Fire in-game name.


Many players nowadays are making a place in the name of their Free Fire.

However, seeing his name makes other players wonder how he is going to put a place in his nickname as the Free Fire game doesn’t have an option to put a distance in the name.

In this post, we have seen how you can easily add a location to your Free Fire name by following a simple process.

If you want to make your in-game name more attractive, you can use any font maker website to make your Free Fire name more attractive.

We hope you liked this post.

Don’t forget to share this with your Free Fire friends so that they can also know about this unique trick.

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Also, if you have any queries related to this post, you can comment below, and we will try to solve them as soon as possible.

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