How Rappers Make Money in the Music Industry

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how rappers make money

It is very unlikely that you have heard about how rappers make money and how they go about promoting their music. In fact, the only people who are likely to know about this are people in the music industry and they are the ones who need the money that these individuals generate. But, if you want to know how these individuals make money then I’m going to show you how the process is done.

How do Rappers make money through their music? Simple, they get paid for it through the various services that offer revenues for listens to their songs. So, how do these services make money? Through the various free apps that they offer and the most common is by offering an estimation of how many people will be interested in the song.

The next step is for them to go ahead and sign a deal with a recording label or artist to allow for the creation of albums and also songs. Once that happens, the rapper can now go ahead and create his own music career. The next step for the artists and rappers making money from their music is through the revenue stream that he can acquire through the various services that the recording labels offer. In the music industry, there are different revenue streams that are offered to the rappers. Some of these include royalties, revenue sharing and youtube.

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Royalties: royalties are one of the easiest ways for the rappers and hip hop artists to make money because this will allow them to gain a percentage of the total sale price of the hip hop album. The more albums that are sold, the higher the percentage the rapper will get. Royalties can come in the form of being paid once per sale or per download. Most websites that offer these services will have a subscription plan so that the users will know how much they will be paying for.

Revenue sharing: Revenue sharing is another revenue stream that is given to the mainstream rapper. This is one of the hardest and most expensive ways on how rappers make money. It usually requires the collaboration of different people like the record labels, radio stations, stores, retailers and online websites. This is one of the hardest ways on how the rappers can make money as it includes a lot of work. If you are planning to do this, then you better be prepared to exert more effort than what you have anticipated.


Every hip-hop artist and independent artist has to have his own website in order to be successful in the industry. The best way to promote your site and get paid is by having your videos and albums uploaded into the popular video-sharing website known as YouTube. There are many sites which offer services wherein you can actually upload your videos to YouTube. These services will get you paid based on the number of clicks you get from people who have gone and viewed your videos.

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Concerts: Many artists also go on to become popular through their live performances. The easiest way to make money from these shows is through concert tickets sales. There are lots of ticket resellers out there who offer these tickets for very low prices. If you think you can sell these tickets for a higher price, then you might want to reconsider. The reason being, there are very few people who would purchase these tickets. Most probably, they would only patronize these tickets from independent artist or small bands who can actually afford these tickets.

Independent artist and rappers make money through many ways. You can try some of these methods or you can simply search for these on the Internet. It’s your decision. Just make sure that you are giving it your all so you can maximize your potentials in the music industry. There are too many ways on how these aspiring artists can actually make money in the music industry.

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