How Often Should I Update My Blog

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It has recently come to my attention that there is a lot of confusion regarding how often one should update their blog.

Therefore, in order to educate the masses I have decided to write this article.

First off, what exactly does it mean when one says that they “update” their blog?

How Often Should I Update My Blog

Well, there are essentially two different ways in which one can update their blog: you can either post new content or edit/delete old content .

With regards to posting new content , I would estimate that regardless of your blogging platform (WordPress, Tumblr, Blogger etc.)

you will probably want to update your blog at least once every week .

If possible I would try and shoot for more though; if you don’t already have an active audience then you will probably find yourself in an uphill battle trying to build one.

A common misconception with blogging is that the more content you have, the more popular you will become.

In fact, it is actually quite difficult for blogs to gain a significant amount of traffic unless they are constantly being updated with great articles and other blog posts (for example: Facebook and Twitter hashtags).

So what about editing/deleting old content ?

This is generally not necessary since most blogging platforms allow users to edit their previous posts .

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However, if you already have a good number of followers then I would try and delete any duplicate or outdated entries from your blog so as to keep everything nice and organized.

If done properly, this should not affect how often you update your blog.

Lastly, just in case anyone is wondering how often I update my blog, I try to do so at least once every 2-3 days .

I would like to think that this frequency is neither too much or too little; it certainly satisfies any readers that visit my page, while allowing me enough time to write articles of decent length.

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